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Your dream park in the centre of Civic

Calum Stenning

How many times since you were a kid have you daydreamed about what your ideal park might look like?

Would it have swings? Slides? Monkey bars? Would it have rock climbing walls, balance tests and a foam pit? Or would less playful and more relaxed, with grassy areas for picnicking and trees for shading?

Well, your opportunity to propose your dream recreational area is here, on a temporary and small scale at least. Recently, the ACT Government launched community competition for the design of a pop-up micro park in Garema Place.

“A micro park is becoming a really popular concept around the world in places where there’s a lot of pedestrian activity, but not necessarily the kind of activity that allows the community to socialise, interact and recreate,” says Ella Doney, a Project Officer from Transport Canberra and City Services.

The micro park looks to provide a more exciting and useable city space for Canberrans, and Transport Canberra and City Services is giving Canberrans the freedom to create what that will look like.

“The design competition is now open,” says Ella. “We’re looking for innovative, practical, creative and original ideas from the community.”

Entries will be shortlisted, before being opened back up to the community to vote on a winning design. The competition is open to anyone and everyone, and you’ll be able to make submissions until July 28.

Design and pitch your winning design here.


Calum Stenning

Calum Stenning is Her Canberra’s newest and most male (read: only) intern. Three years spent living overseas has given him a renewed appreciation for Canberra life. Every day starts with coffee and the Sydney Morning Herald crossword at a favourite coffee haunt, as he is wary of the perils of dementia, and thinks crosswords are a viable safeguard. If he lives to a dementia-appropriate age (evidence says he won’t), he’ll let us know. More about the Author