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Printing for a purpose

Josie Gouvoussis

Since the marriage equality postal vote commenced, we have seen many local businesses in the Canberra region displaying signs for the YES campaign.

Small business owner Sam Jensen is printing for a political purpose. As opposed to enthusiastically displaying a YES campaign sign as several other establishments have, this local business wants to take it up a notch by exercising their real, human level interaction value. Capital Prints are hosting an event on the 14th October where locals can pop in to see Sam and his team in Fyshwick and hand in a t-shirt to be printed for free (the best things in life are free as they say), with a high-resolution print of an in house designed ‘Love is Love’ or equality heart featuring a brightly coloured rainbow as the background. One can grab a coffee, browse through designer furniture stores or snag a classic Aussie sausage sizzle from the barbeque whilst they wait for their newly printed tee.

Young, entrepreneurial Sam established ‘Capital Prints’ shy on 2 years ago and since then, has built the small local business into a successful heat transfer specialising company. Sam always had a passion for quality printing and literally jumped (with enthusiasm of course), at the opportunity to establish his own brand with previous customers whom he had been working with for years at his father’s corporation.  Like many young Canberrans, Sam struggled to balance a social life, work and study but also had the addition of starting up a new establishment from scratch however said it is all worth it to see happy customers.

“It has its challenges and will always have its challenges; being a small business owner is tough as there is a competitive online market so we focused on our efficiency and customer service by caring for our customers and communicating with them on a real, human level.”

Similar to other local businesses and companies, Capital Prints is making a political statement by hosting this event not only in response to the marriage equality postal vote, but to create awareness, represent the company values and engage with people.

“We are hosting this event to demonstrate to everyone that as a local Canberra business we are not afraid nor wanting to hide behind these types of events in the community.”

The team as a collective at Capital Prints collaborated on this concept and designed the logo to do “…something good for the company, our customers and the local community by showing our support.” You too can show your support by saying hello to the team at Capital Prints and have a good old chat over some delicious barbequed goods, handing in your old t-shirt for a colourful makeover or (if you forgot the goods), purchase one of the ‘Love is Love’ t-shirts the company are selling on the day.

the essentials

When: 14th October, from 8am to 12pm
Where: Capital Prints 12/68 Wollongong Street Fyshwick ACT 2609
What: Bring your own t-shirt to be printed upon with the ‘Love is Love’ or love heart rainbow design.
Contact:Visit or call (02) 6280 9354



Josie Gouvoussis

Josie Gouvoussis is a 16-year-old intern, currently in Year 11 at Radford College, studying Ancient History and English Literature. Born and bred in the nation’s capital, Josie is an aspiring journalist and hopes to one day write her way around Europe. She enjoys meeting, learning from and writing about local Canberrans and the extraordinary lives they lead. She is a low key (by low-key meaning fangirl obsessed) book lover who will read anything from politics and history to gore, crime and fantasy. Usually one can find her lounging around deeply immersed in a fiction novel or swimming with her friends. More about the Author

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