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Protect your plates with ACT Policing

ACT Policing

Imagine…you’re asleep in your bed and you get a call from ACT Policing at 3am. They want to question you regarding a vehicle with your registration plates that have just been involved in a petrol drive-off. You go to check your driveway – your car is there but you realise your number plates have been stolen and ask yourself ‘why?’

Why didn’t you get your plates fitted with tamper proof screws by ACT Policing when you had the chance?

ACT Policing will hold the first of two Project Safe Plate events for 2015 this Saturday aimed at helping reduce vehicle registration plate theft by providing free tamper-proof screws to motorists. So, if you haven’t thought about getting your number plates fitted with tamper-proof screws before, now would be a good time to do so.

Between 10am and 4pm on Saturday, ACT Policing are encouraging Canberrans to bring their vehicles to the Regatta Place carpark on Barrine Drive, where police officers, recruits, volunteers members from Crime Reduction, Media and Public Engagement and AFP Graduates will be on hand to fit vehicle plates with tamper-proof screws.

Officer in Charge of Gungahlin, Station Sergeant Rod Anderson says 858 registration plates were reported stolen to police last year and that community initiatives such as Project Safe Plate are important in making it tough for these thieves.

“Installation of secure number plates is a great way to reduce crime as we know that stolen number plates are often used to commit other crimes, such as petrol drive-offs, burglaries and traffic offences,” Sergeant Anderson says.

“By reducing the opportunity for criminals to source one of their tools, we hope to contribute to a wider reduction in property and volume crime.”

Constable Kenny Koala and his friends will also be there to entertain the kids while they wait in their cars for the screws to be changed, plus you can pick up a FREE ice scraper for those frosty Canberra mornings and some Constable Kenny goodies.

This year’s Project Safe Plate is being billed as a battle between North and Southside motorists with the challenge being which side of town can have the most vehicles fitted with tamper-proof screws.

“The challenge has been set and I’m supremely confident that Northside motorists will turn up in large numbers on Saturday and set the Southside a massive target for them to try and beat when its their turn in August,” Sergeant Anderson says.

So, why pay the price for a crime you didn’t commit?

Avoid the late night phone calls, the unwanted speeding fines and the questions about crimes you didn’t commit. Take 10 minutes out of your day on Saturday and get the friendly officers at ACT Policing to change over your screws. Plus, you can do it all while staying in the warmth and comfort of your own car.

Are you going to let criminals get away with stealing your plates?

The essentials

What: ACT Policing Project Safe Plate (Northside)
When: 10am-4pm, Saturday 20 June
Where: Regatta Place Car Park, Parkes
How much: Free


ACT Policing

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  • sophie

    is the ACT police still providing these screws?