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Pulling back the Fringe of Floriade

Josie Gouvoussis

 “The Floriade Fringe site will be dotted by caravans and containers workshopping the ideas of the future and will bring together artists and performers to celebrate music, food, culture, dance and art.”

Chief Minister Andrew Barr launched Canberra’s first Floriade Fringe festival today, and event which he says builds on the Floriade brand to bring something genuinely new and different to the city.

“We have wanted to see Floriade grow into other areas of the CBD,” he enthused.

“The Floriade Fringe will feature an exciting combination of creative talent from Canberra and around Australia.”


ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr launches the Floriade Fringe.

Hosted by celebrated travelling bohemian carnival group, The Village, the Floriade Fringe site will be dotted by caravans and containers workshopping the ideas of the future and will bring together artists and performers to celebrate music, food, culture, dance and art.

The Floriade Fringe program, being co-curated by renowned local producers Gavin Findlay and Chenoeh Miller, will showcase numerous talented performance artists ranging from poets, dancers, musicians and magicians to name a few. Several of these artists performed at the launch event including the majestic Nomad the Magician, Australian Dance Party member Alison Plevey and, ‘Rogue Romantic’ performer Anya Anastasia.

Six things not to miss

Thrilling performance artists

Introduced by Anya Anastasia with her captivating show ‘Rogue Romantic’, joined by local music groups and solo artists Sweaty Pits, Sound and Fury Ensemble, Bambi Valentine, Oliver Levi-Malouf, Dead DJ Joke, CJ Bowerbird and many more.


A sensational music line-up

Featuring headlining artists and local musos such as Moaning Lisa, Los Chavos, The Burnt Sausages (Melbourne), L-Fresh the Lion (Sydney), Thunder Fox (up and coming Sydney funkster), Ample Sample, BabyFreeze, Mr Tim and countless more.

Australian Dance Party

A contemporary Canberra dance company determined to challenge traditional ideals, tell universal and local stories in a creative manner and communicate current issues both politically and socially. The Australian Dance Party has been commissioned a new work, ‘SEAMLESS’, exclusively for Floriade Fringe focusing on the unsustainable addiction of fast fashion as exposed by the War on Waste program.


The bizarre and beautiful

Festival-goers can explore the artistic process by witnessing some of Australia’s best artists in their element such as the renowned Snuff Puppets which will bring their Snuff Skool to The Fringe Festival and give fortunate Canberrans an opportunity to learn the performance art with giant street puppets.

Delicious delicacies

Aside from the classic food stalls, The Village takes performative art to a new dimension with food stage The World Kitchen stopping by to demonstrate ways in which people may connect and share stories over a delicious meal. There are numerous fun workshops for the kids, and for adults, to test your tastebuds.

A chance to join in the fun

The most imperative aspect of the Fringe festival is to get involved and participate. There is every reason to jump in and immerse yourself in the festivities The Village offers such as shenanigans like So You Think You Can Interpretive Dance and 10 Minute Dance Parties.

The essentials

Where: Haig Park, Braddon
When:5pm – 11pm Thursday 19 October; 5pm – 1am, Friday 20 October; 1pm – 1am Saturday 21 October
How much: Entry by donation (all donations go towards the artists and performers) + some ticketed shows


Josie Gouvoussis

Josie Gouvoussis is a 16-year-old intern, currently in Year 11 at Radford College, studying Ancient History and English Literature. Born and bred in the nation’s capital, Josie is an aspiring journalist and hopes to one day write her way around Europe. She enjoys meeting, learning from and writing about local Canberrans and the extraordinary lives they lead. She is a low key (by low-key meaning fangirl obsessed) book lover who will read anything from politics and history to gore, crime and fantasy. Usually one can find her lounging around deeply immersed in a fiction novel or swimming with her friends. More about the Author

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