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Seven (local) bands to see this winter

Allan Sko

Greetings wonderful reader of HerCanberra!

Allan Sko here, the Publisher of local entertainment guide BMA Magazine and I am here to bestow you with a litany of fantastic local gigs you can attend over winter; featuring a variety of genres and – at risk of sounding like an infomercial – something for everyone.

A few weeks ago, the talented Emily Allen provided an excellent list of Canberra shows coming up, and an intrepid HerCanberra subscriber lovingly pointed out… “Great list! But what about featuring some local acts?”.

As a fan of this website, I thought it worth seizing the mantle and reporting back. And boy HOWDY… Do I have my work cut out. Because there’s a lot. I mean… A LOT, a lot.

So without further ado (and let’s face it, I’ve already ado’d enough) let’s get to it, shall we?

East Row Rabble EP Launch + Los Chavos Single Launch w/ Brother Bard

This massive triple-header will soon have you forgetting the cold as two of Canberra’s most fervent toe-tapping exports take to the stage to entertain and delight with their latest output.

Described by BMA Magazine’s Rory McCartney as exhibiting, “impressive songwriting, catchy tunes, solid choruses and appealing lyrics,” East Row Rabble never fail to deliver the goods in a live setting.

Los Chavos will leave no hip unshook when the local Latin ska heroes launch their ‘I Wanna’ single. Rounding out the evening will be the warm, smooth vibes of Sydney soul ‘n’ reggae act Brother Brad, complete with new LP.

East Row Rabble EP Launch + Los Chavos Single Launch w/ Brother Bard | Polish White Eagle Club | 22 June, 8 pm | Tix $15/20 or $20/$25 with CD | Click here for tickets.

Darker Half & Mason, Talesin and Chud

If metal is more your black cup of tea then all colours of the dark rainbow will be painted with the awesome foursome of Darker Half & Mason, Talesin and Chud.

Always ones to give back to the fans, locals Chud are offering their latest single ‘The Kurgen’ as a free download to get you in the mood. Click here for more.

Darker Half & Mason, Talesin and Chud | The Basement | 22 June, 7.30 pm | Tix $30 | Click here for tickets.

Brass Knuckle Brass Band + The Ansah Brothers

Last seen setting the stage on fire at the Hurly Burley Winter Fair in late May, Brass Knuckle Brass Band are go-to party starters for any occasion. Now the six-to-eight strong troupe are unleashing new music unto the world, promising to play a set full of never-before-heard material and delivering more brass than a vintage door handle shop.

Joining them will be Music ACT live performance winners The Ansah Brothers, putting Canberra on the map with their electric hip hop, boom bap beats and slick interchanging flows. Dubbed by VICE as “the brothers changing Australian rap” their live shows are to be seen to be believed.

Brass Knuckle Brass Band + The Ansah Brothers | Mr Wolf | 23 June, 7 pm | Tickets $15 available here

The OGCI Launch Party

OGCI is a small collective of musicians from Canberra continuing the legacy of Adam Khan and helping local hip-hop to keep growing in the community through events, music and networking.

Featuring local talents Jimmy Pike, Chiko, Zaino, Jedbri and Cappo all of whom – it is my joy to report – are all excellent and prove to be even stronger than the sum of their parts. If you like you BPMs set to 80-90 and your flows ill, you’re heading to the right place.

OGCI – Jimmy Pike, Chiko, Zaino & Cappo | Transit Bar | 29 June, 8 pm | Tickets $10 on the door

Global Beats Fiesta w/ Frank Madrid and Dede Da Cruz

Clandestino Events – the curators of this night – promise “to burn the dance floor with music that you would not normally hear in Canberra – Electro Cumbia, Gypsy Funk, Nu-Tango, Angolan-Kuduro, Urban-Latin and everything in between!”

Longstay Frank Madrid is an expert fashioner of global sounds and currently hosts sessions of World Vibe – ArtSound FM on Canberra’s ArtSound FM 92.7

Dede Da Cruz has a deep love and knowledge of Latin and Afro-Latin music and promises to deliver his myriad of Transatlantic and Afro-Latin Sounds, music, dance and culture.

Global Beats Fiesta w/ Frank Madrid and Dede Da Cruz | The Phoenix | 29 June, 9 pm | Tickets $10 on the door

Witchskull Album Launch w/ The Pilots Of Baalbek

The terrific triumvirate is set to terrorise the region (in a good way) with their latest output, album Coven’s Will. Picking up a perfect five stars in BMA Magazine by resident metal columnist Josh Nixon, Josh posits, “So all told, does the slab entitled Coven’s Will live up to the lofty company and the epic journey that produced it? It is utterly pleasing to bold in caps, HELLS THE [REDACTED] YEAH IT IS.”

Even better than their recorded output is seeing the sounds come alive with the trio’s electric live performance. Supports are The Pilots Of Baalbek, a veritable metal supergroup featuring members of Alchemist, Pod People, Looking Glass and Grand Duke.

Witchskull Album Launch w/ The Pilots Of Baalbek | Transit Bar | 6 July, 8 pm | Tickets on the door

SoundOut presents Jason Kahn solo + Physarum duo

While Jason Kahn is a musician, artist and writer born in 1960 in New York and grew up in Los Angeles, to keep it local he is joined by beloved Canberran musicians Brian McNamara and Richard Johnson as Physarum, the latter being the creator and motivator for the magnificent SoundOut series and festival.

Jason is an electronic musician, vocalist, drummer and guitarist Kahn who collaborates regularly with many musicians, both in improvised settings and in the context of graphical scores which he composes for specific groups.

McNamara and Johnson look to round out the tone and sonics of the evening with the giddy combination of modern electronics with classical wind instruments.

Jason Kahn + Physarum | The Drill Hall Gallery | 13 July, 6 pm | Tix $20 + $15 conc. at the door


Allan Sko

Allan is the Publisher of BMA Magazine, Canberra's Entertainment Guide. He has attended, written about, and edited copy for music, comedy and arts events for over 20 years, and has been active in the community via Music ACT, Childers Group and the Ainslie and Gorman House Centres board. More about the Author