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Seven reasons to visit the Canberra Symphony Orchestra

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Get ready for a different kind of matinee…

Tomorrow, The Canberra Symphony Orchestra’s upcoming concert Canberra Weekly Matinee Magic: In the Mood sees the orchestra perform classics of a more modern time as audiences are transported back to the roaring swing era.

Here are seven reasons why you should check it out, especially if you’ve ruled out ‘classical’ music from your interests.

#1 A very BIG big-band

Big-bands, the bands found in jazz dancehalls throughout America in the 30s and 40s, typically have around seventeen musicians. The Canberra Symphony Orchestra’s performance will see around forty musicians on stage – that’s a lot of jazz! See the orchestra perform with the biggest saxophone section to ever hit the stage of Llewellyn Hall with the CSO.

#2 It’s a Public Holiday

What better reason to enjoy some midday music than a Public Holiday! Stroll over from Civic in the sunshine and partake in some musical indulgence – what a way to spend an afternoon!

#3 Three Singers is Better Than One

Three vocalists from State Opera South Australia will sing up a storm. Kristen Hardy, Gabrielle Carter, Mark Oates are all remarkable singers and love singing the genre.

Soprano Kristen Hardy particularly loves singing jazz.

“I truly believe that it is timeless music and that all ages love the style. You can’t help but tap your toes and move along and feel happy when listening to this music. It always takes me to my ‘happy place’,” she says.

Image courtesy of the CSO

Image courtesy of the CSO

#4 A Fantastic Guest Conductor

Timothy Sexton, CEO and Artistic Director of State Opera South Australia, is a regular guest conductor with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra, and the orchestra loves working with him! It’s great to hear the results he gets out of the musicians – he absolutely loves big-band swing.

#5 A Great Concert for the First-Timer

This concert is an excellent way for people to experience a live orchestra for the first time. The music is very familiar but still has the grandeur and energy that can only be experienced with a full orchestra, and because it’s in the afternoon it can also be enjoyed by families.

#6 Canberra Loves its Swing

Canberrang. Swing Katz. Jump Town. It’s no secret that Canberrans love their swing, and if you’ve ever seen swing dancing in Canberra, it’s probably because of one of these three groups. Come and focus on the music that these katz love!

#7 CSO Concerts Always Sell-Out Because They’re Amazing!

This doesn’t need any explanation – CSO Concerts always sell out because they’re amazing, so get a ticket now!


the essentials
What: Canberra Weekly Matinee Magic: In the Mood
When:2 pm Saturday, 26 September
Where: Llewellyn Hall, ANU
Cost: Tickets from $53
Web: Visit www.cso.org.au or 6262 6772 for more information.


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