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Star Wars fans, rejoice! An X-Wing Fighter has landed at the Hyperdome

Ashleigh Went

If you’ve recently seen The Last Jedi, you’d be forgiven for spending your time daydreaming about battling The Empire from the cockpit of an X-Wing Fighter.

Well, Star Wars fans of Canberra, dream no more—the Hyperdome is making your fantasy a reality. Today a full-size replica X-Wing Fighter was unveiled in Centre Court and—before you ask—yes, you can snap a selfie from the cockpit.

Adam Gill, Hyperdome’s Marketing Manager, is an avid Star Wars fan, though he insists he wasn’t aware that the replica was Star Wars-related until after it was booked.

“I spoke to the events company and told them that I didn’t want something stock standard—it had to be brand new and custom.”

The result was the X-Wing Fighter, custom-made by Disney.

“We’re the first shopping centre in Australia to have the X-Wing, the only places it’s been seen at so far are Comic-Con, The Sydney Orchestra and Melbourne train station.”

This isn’t some flimsy replica—parts of the Fighter weigh in at over 200 kilos. The installation was completed by seven people over five hours using forklifts, and the result is well worth the effort.

Two human-sized Storm Troopers flank the Fighter, so if—like Kylo Ren—you find yourself tormented by inner conflict, you can briefly join the dark side.

Oh, and if you and your partner are avid Star Wars fans, a visit to the X-Wing Fighter makes an excellent date.

The whole centre is in on the action, with Limelight Cinemas offering $6 screenings of The Last Jedi, GameTraders offering 30% off their Star Wars related POP! Figurines, and Soul Origin offering 2-for-1 meals for those visiting the X-Wing Fighter.

The X-Wing Fighter will be in Centre Court all week, so be sure to visit the Hyperdome ASAP to get in on the Star Wars action.

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What: Star Wars X-Wing Fighter at the Hyperdome
Where: Centre Court
When: Monday-Friday 11am-4pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-3pm

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