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Support grows for Brickworks development

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A phone poll of 1,400 Canberrans has found that most now support the revised master plan for the development of the iconic Canberra Brickworks and surrounding neighbourhood.

Of the 500 residents living in nearby Yarralumla, Curtin and Deakin who took part in the research, 65.3 per cent indicated they are now in favour of the project and 32.1 per cent were not. Of the 900 surveyed across the rest of the city, 78.8 per cent indicated support and 19.5 per cent were against the development.

Of those surveyed in the local area, those in favour of the project had increased from 48.6 per cent in the 2014 survey, and those in favour in the remainder of Canberra had increased from 66 per cent.

The strongest level of support came from those aged 18-39 years, with 85.5 per cent of those surveyed saying they favoured the project.

Survey participants were randomly selected and invited to take part in the poll. Before answering questions on the revised plan, respondents were required to examine the proposal in order to have a good understanding of the changes that had been made.

Questions included the respondent’s opinion of the overall proposal, their specific likes and dislikes, and suggestions for improvements.

“With almost two out of every three respondents in the surrounding suburbs, and close to four out of five of respondents from all other parts of Canberra, now supporting the revised plan, I am very confident that the Canberra Brickworks redevelopment will become a showpiece of urban renewal,” said Dan Stewart, the Deputy Chief Executive of the Land Development Agency.

“We have spent a great deal of time and effort in addressing the issues of concern that were raised last year by members of the community, and I believe the level of support demonstrated by these survey results clearly show that we have listened and responded.

“I look forward to continuing to work with the community as we refine the details of this project and see it through to its successful completion.”

Comment on the revised master plan may be emailed to [email protected] until Saturday 4 April.

A video on the Canberra Brickworks development and the full details of the research report conducted by Winton Sustainable Research Strategies are available on the LDA website at

Download a copy of the Canberra Brickworks Research March 2015.


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