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Dog dress ups, 90s Karaoke & speed dating come to Canberra

Calum Stenning and Beatrice Smith

Forget Christmas, we’re counting the sleeps until The Commons opens its doors (it’s eight by the way).

We’ve already brought you the news that Gelato Messina and Mary’s Burgers will be making their Canberra debut, but The Commons’ organisers weren’t content with simply bringing world-class street food to Canberra. Oh no.

Throughout the feast-ival’s 10-day run in Commonwealth Park, there will be loads of activities happening every single day. These events – which range from Star Wars Trivia to Pub Rock Karaoke – aren’t just for funsies (although by God they will be fun), they’re also for a good cause.

Entry fees from events will benefit a different cause each week, which means your attendance at PACT Beer’s home brewing workshop or F.R.I.E.N.D.S Trivia will be a donation towards Lifeline Canberra, the RSPCA ACT or the Domestic Violence Crisis Service ACT, just to name a few worthy local organisations.

Here’s where you’ll find us from 9-18 December.

At Speed

The Commons brings diversity to the Canberra speed-dating scene. ‘Her for her’, ‘him for him’, and of course, ‘original flavour’ will have participants happily mingling.

Reserve your spot now, here.

Happening Friday 16 December, 8pm (Speed Dating)

Saturday 17 December, 7pm (Gay Speed Dating)

Saturday 17 December, 8.30 (Lesbian Speed Dating)

Binge-Watching, Justified

Trivia nights are one of those things that are fun beyond explanation. When you get it right, when you get it wrong, when someone, somehow, has the answer to the most obscure question of the night…

There will be family events where you can make use of your Disney, Harry Potter or Star Wars knowledge, as well as Seinfeld and F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed nights – the perfect justification for all that binge watching you’ve done.

Reserve your spot now, here.

Sunday 11 December, 5pm – 6.30pm (Star Wars)

Monday 12 December, 7pm – 8.30pm (Seinfeld)

Tuesday 13 December, 6pm -7.30pm (Disney)

Thursday 15 December, 6pm – 7.30 (Harry Potter)

Friday 16 December, 6.30pm – 8pm (F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

That’s The Way It’s Gonna Be, Little Darlin’

We all love belting out a classic over a bevvie at the pub – whether you’d rather run with the horses (yeeeaaah), or let everyone know that you’re TNT (Oi! Oi!), it will be a night of non-stop classics at Pub Karaoke.

Saturday 10 December, 8pm – 10pm

Beer, Pact with Flavour

The joy of home brewing is, of course, in the journey but mostly in drinking the fruits of your cool, carbonated labors. Local legends PACT Beer will teach you a thing or two about home brewing so you can upgrade your backyard brews from Old Socks IPA to the homebrew you deserve.

Saturday 17 December from 12-6pm. Reserve your spot now, here.

Dressed to the Canines

Fancy dress is always a bit of fun – why should pooches not be included? There will be a prize for best-dressed pupper, and dog owner or not, this will be wildly entertaining.

Sunday 18 December, 2pm – 3pm

I was a terror since the public school era

Thank god, finally, a 90’s karaoke night. Often one of the less appreciated eras in musical history, this is the perfect opportunity to bang out your favourites from Biggie, Nirvana, and whichever else ‘90s icon you damn well please!

Friday 9 December 8.30-10.30pm

I can really taste the high notes of rhubarb

It is the silly season, and as if any more excuses for a tipple were needed, here are a couple more.

Rogue Wines will give you the low down on local drops while you sip, swill and spit (kidding, who would want to spit) and most importantly, expand your wine knowledge ahead of Christmas.

Happening Saturday 10 December, 3.30pm, Friday 16 December, 5.30pm, Saturday 17 December, 3pm.

the essentials

What: The Commons Street Food Feast
When: From 9 – 18 December 2016. See opening hours here.
Where: Commonwealth Park
Social: Instagram + Facebook 

HerCanberra are proud sponsors of The Commons


Calum Stenning

Calum Stenning is Her Canberra’s newest and most male (read: only) intern. Three years spent living overseas has given him a renewed appreciation for Canberra life. Every day starts with coffee and the Sydney Morning Herald crossword at a favourite coffee haunt, as he is wary of the perils of dementia, and thinks crosswords are a viable safeguard. If he lives to a dementia-appropriate age (evidence says he won’t), he’ll let us know. More about the Author


Beatrice Smith

Bea loves that her job as HerCanberra’s Online Editor involves eating, drinking and interviewing people - sometimes simultaneously. The master of HerCanberra’s publishing schedule, she’s usually found hunched over a huge calendar muttering to herself about content balance. Otherwise, you’ll find her at the movies or ordering a cheese board. More about the Author

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