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The Llewellyn Series: BRAHMS

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There’s a very good chance that you love classical music and don’t even know it, and that’s because it’s everywhere.

It’s what makes you cry at the end of the movie, it’s what makes you remember that car ad, and it’s that violin melody used in the latest pop song, and it’s also one of the most amazing live music experiences you can have. Seeing a symphony orchestra perform live in a concert hall is truly amazing and is something that everyone should try.

Imagine a musician who’s at the top of their game; who’s been playing since they were a child and spends all day, every day practicing their instrument.  Now imagine over seventy musicians of that same calibre, all sitting on the one stage in a concert hall built purely to make sound sound its best.

Now, find some of the most intricate and moving pieces of music that have stood the test of centuries, and put it in the hands of a conductor who drives those musicians to play in perfect harmony and time. The result is an impossibly beautiful sound. That’s what a symphony orchestra is.

Now here’s something you may not know: Canberra has an amazing symphony orchestra, funnily enough called the Canberra Symphony Orchestra (CSO).  It’s conducted by an incredibly charismatic and talented conductor named Dr Nicholas Milton (who has a stunning international career) and he’s joined by some of the best musicians in the country. The CSO is something that all Canberrans must experience.

The next Canberra Symphony Orchestra concert is called BRAHMS, and includes an hour and a half of music that will make you float far away.

With guest soloist from the UK, Andrew Haveron who is one of the most celebrated violinists in the world, recently becoming Concert Master for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, this concert is an excellent way to see world-class music, and dive into a new world.  If you haven’t been to see a live symphony orchestra in a concert hall before, come to this.

Hear the CSO’s chief conductor and artistic director, Dr Nicholas Milton, discuss the concert’s program below:

CSO really is an experience like no other – we encourage you to give it a try…you might just find your new ‘thing’.

the essentials 

What: Llewellyn Series 15.3: BRAHMS
When: 19 to 20 August at 7.30pm
Where: Llewellyn Hall, ANU
How much: Tickets from $20. Visit www.cso.org.au for more information.


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