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Unconventional Canberra Activities

Laura Peppas

Stuck in a social rut?

Forget drinks and dinner, here are three unconventional activities for those craving something outside the box.


Riddle Room Panic_1


Imagine being trapped in a room where your only hope of escape is to ‘solve’ your way out through a series of puzzles. Sounds very ‘Saw,’ right? But if this sets your heart racing, then Riddle Room is for you.

When entering an escape room you are guided into a specially designed room with your ‘team’ (whichever friends you choose to bring along) to solve a series of puzzles using only the items in the room. You’ll progress through a narrative and must find your way ‘out’ within 60 minutes. A ‘clue system’ guides your team through the experience by giving a little push when you seem stuck or take too long on a puzzle. Alternatively, Riddle Room offers sessions with no clues for those who like a challenge.

Riddle Room | 16  Marjorie Bernard Lane, Fankilin | riddleroom.com.au



Unleash your inner geek at this new board games restaurant. Its shelves are lined with every type of board game, from old classics such as Risk and Carcassonne to the new Game of Thrones board game. The food menu has been carefully crafted so it doesn’t get in the way of gaming; with wood-fired pizzas, arancini and mezze platters to share, not to mention a fully-stocked bar with beers and ciders to help wash it all down.

Guild | Bailey’s Arcade | 150 London Circuit, Canberra City | facebook.com/guildhouse.canberra



Take a trip back to the gaming rooms of your childhood in Canberra’s first e-sport and gaming bar. This venue, on the Northbourne strip of the Sydney Building, has both video games and e-sports (video game competitions between a number of players) all in a bar setting. Grab a group of friends, settle in for a cocktail and choose from games like Super Smash Brothers 8, Mario Kart, FIFA, Halo, Call of Duty, League of Legends and StarCraft.

Reload | 38 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra | reloadbar.com.au

Photography by Tim Bean

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Laura Peppas

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  • I must be unconventional: I’m a regular at both The Guild and Reload. 🙂

    FYI for those not in the know, both The Guild and Reload have events like board game events and a comic book club. Details are posted on Facebook.