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World champs bring ‘wow-factor’ to Festival

Elsie Adamo

With over 22 years of dancing experience between them, Chloe Loh and Carlos Redondo are a must-see at this year’s Canberra Latin Dance Festival on 7 – 9 October.

Canberra is the next stop on a tour that will see the pair head to Europe to compete for Australia in the World Bachata Champions competition in London and then perform in Barcelona.

The best part? Canberra audiences will be the first to get a sneak peek of the performance.


Chloe Loh and Carlos Redondo.

“We will be debuting our new performance at the Canberra Latin Dance Festival that we have prepared for the World Bachata Champions competition,” Chloe says.

“It’s going to be awesome to meet everyone and show everybody what we’re doing and what we’re about.”

The couple say they dance a Bachata fusion style of dancing because “the style is simple but at the same time really emotional.”

“I love the opportunity to be playful and really interact with your dance partner,” says Chloe.


Chloe and Carlos met in Rome, and all it took was three dances and an offer by Chloe to visit Australia to convince Carlos to make the move to Brisbane.

Immediately after moving, the pair realised just how much their dancing styles matched and creativity started rolling.

They decided to enter a competition at the Sydney Bachata Dance Festival, which the pair “won within three weeks of dancing with each other.”


For them, the Canberra Latin Dance Festival is all about showcasing what is done nationally and internationally to Canberra, while giving local dancers the opportunity to showcase local talent and learn in workshops.

“When you have such a big festival in a smaller city it showcases what that city is doing to (the) rest of Australia and brings everyone together,” Carlos says.

“Festivals like this give people new to dancing an opportunity to get involved, which they should because Latin dancing is fun.”

Though Chloe provides a warning: “Anyone that gets in contact with this environment wants to be a part of it; it’s very infectious.”

the essentials

What: Canberra Latin Dance Festival
Where: The Rex Hotel
When: 7-9 October 2016
Web: canberralatindancefestival.com.au


Elsie Adamo

Elsie originally hails from South Australia but after almost five years in the Capital likes to consider herself now as a local. A student at ANU she keeps herself busy on campus with student societies and now interning at HerCanberra. Her great loves include sitcoms, podcasts, bookstores, cider, brunch and online shopping. More about the Author

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