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B St Bakery: Sweet treats with a nod to ‘grandma’s kitchen’

Laura Peppas

When I would visit my grandma’s house as a child, one of the things I’d look forward to most (besides seeing her, of course) was sneaking a peek in the pantry to find freshly baked slices, biscuits and brownies.

It’s that feeling of tasting sweets from “grandma’s kitchen” that Brie Norton wanted to recreate when launching her own business, B St Bakery, in February last year.

Specialising in cupcakes, biscuits, slices, brownies and buttercream cakes, Brie says her philosophy is to bake without preservatives or colourings, favouring all natural ingredients.

“The way I’ve always baked has been that simple, natural style, for example if I’m doing a chocolate raspberry brownie I’ll be using actual raspberries for flavour, and if I wanted the colour pink in my frosting I’d be using the juice from raspberries,” Brie says.

“A lot of the time my customers will come back to me and say ‘this is exactly how my grandma used to make it,’ especially the melting moments or lemon slices.”

Brie Norton

Brie Norton

Brie’s sweet treats will be available to try at The Forage on Saturday 5 December, at Little National Hotel in Barton.

“I’ll be selling my slices, cupcakes and brownies – they are usually very popular so they’ll go fast,” she says.

“For the cupcakes, my most popular flavour is definitely the sticky date cupcake, or red velvet.”

The 26 year old says she began cooking at just eight years of age, inspired by her grandmothers and mother.

“I have lots of memories of my mum and grandmas cooking in the kitchen, so it piqued my interest in it and I think my first experiment was when I made a cake from scratch when I was eight,” she says.

“I kept cooking as I got older and I would often bring my cupcakes into work, and the people I worked with loved them and would say, ‘I think you’re onto something here.’”

Brie eventually started getting orders from local cafes for her biscuits, slices, brownies and cupcakes, and it wasn’t long before her inbox started filling up with requests.

Brie's Lemon Slice, Caramel Slice, Chocolate Hedgehog, Salted Caramel Brownie, Red velvet cheesecake brownie and Chocolate brownie

Brie’s lemon slice, caramel slice, chocolate hedgehog, salted caramel brownie, red velvet cheesecake brownie and chocolate brownie

She now only takes private orders for weddings, birthdays and any other occasions.

“During October and November I’ve got a wedding order on every weekend, but I’ve actually found a lot of people are asking for orders ‘just because’ as well, which is really great,” she says.

“I recently had someone ask me to make them a cake that would taste exactly like a chocolate coated, salted caramel pretzel, and another order I had was to make a bounty cake, which was fun because it allows me to experiment with different flavours.”

You can find B St Bakery at The Forage, Saturday 5 December from 3pm- 8pm, Little National Hotel, Barton.

For more information on B St Bakery, visit


Laura Peppas

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