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Canberra’s best Egg and Bacon Rolls

Egg and Bacon Roll Appreciation Society

The egg and bacon roll (E&BR) is the dark horse on the breakfast menu. Here are Canberra’s best, as rated by the Egg and Bacon Roll Appreciation Society (E&BRAS).

Easily overlooked and often underrated, with an unassuming ingredient list and (perceived) lack of innovation, this breakfast beauty is often the culinary underdog.

The quintessential “Tradie’s Breakfast”, the E&BR is easy to eat on the run. It is packed full of protein, carbohydrates and enough salt to keep those pesky leg cramps at bay.

But the E&BR is so much more. Embraced by Australians daily, the E&BR can be found practically everywhere, from the local takeaway to the fancy-pants cafe that charges $10 for a single slice of raisin toast.

Getting it right


One might expect the E&BR to be an easy meal to nail. But, breaking it down, there are quite a few moments where an E&BR can lose its way:

Bread roll

A variety of considerations are made for the bread roll. Is it big, fluffy, crunchy, dry, oily or squishy? Does it allow for a smooth delivery of egg and bacon to the belly? Is a drink required to assist with consumption?

The egg

Stuffing up the egg is easy to do. It comes down to a matter of seconds on the hotplate. Too long and the yoke becomes a gritty lump of yellow foam, making the entire roll difficult to swallow. Too little time on the hotplate and you have a snotty salmonella party, which is dicey at best.


There is nothing worse than undercooked bacon. We prefer Pialligo Estate bacon, but are open to other varieties as long as they are cooked appropriately. Ideally, there are no opaque, fatty bits and minimal rind (purely for ease of consumption). Some crispiness is ideal, but not blackened and charred.

So what exactly makes a winning E&BR?

With so many variables, there really is no exact formula; only that it must be cooked with love and a high level of consideration. Contrasting textures are a must, as is a balance of moisture mop-up and eat-ability.

The sauce can make or break an E&BR. We love standard tomato, BBQ, chilli jam, or Trev’s spicy Kusundi; one should never underestimate the power of a good condiment.

Additional toppings, such as cheese and onions are welcome, but not to the detriment of the base ingredients.

Our top five

With all that taken into consideration, here are our current top five:

#1 Meating Room – Weston


The king of the E&BR. Everything was good about this one.

#2 Trevs – Dickson


Always consistent and reliable, Trev’s held the number one spot for quite a while with this delicious example.

#3 1 on One – Barton


A very close third with its perfect brioche bun, egg ooze and egg to bacon ratio.

#4 Stand By Me – Lyons


With a side of great service and an excellent coffee, this was a whole lot of yum.

#5 Mocan and Green Grout – New Acton


100% ease of consumption with this wonderful E&BR. The photo simply does not do it justice.

#6 Little Oink – Cook (special mention) 


This E&BR was a hidden gem (and a very good reason to visit Cook shops).

What’s your favourite E&BR?

The Egg and Bacon Roll Appreciation Society was founded after many conversations about the E&BR experience and as a way to document our culinary journey. The E&BRAS does not discriminate… An E&BR can be appreciated anywhere, anytime.

If you have and E&BR that you think is pretty special, we’d love to hear from you. Visit the E&BRAS Facebook page and drop us a line.


Egg and Bacon Roll Appreciation Society

The Egg and Bacon Roll Appreciation Society was founded after many conversations about the E&BR experience and as a way to document our culinary journey. Passionate about finding the perfect Egg and Bacon Roll, our contributors scour the globe (mostly Canberra) looking for the perfect example of E&BR greatness. It is our mission to seek out this greatness and share our findings with the community. More about the Author

  • Ashlee Betteridge

    Good Brother in Dickson for me! There is something about their mayo that makes it extra good

  • Angus CSmit

    You need to try The Republic on Allara Street. Long turkish roll (not too heavy) with two eggs, lashings of bacon and a coffee for less than $10.

  • Alan

    Brasserie at the Foreshore. Bacon and Egg roll with a drink $10. A great treat after an early Friday morning run.

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