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Canberra’s Best Hot Chips

Hot Chicks Rate Hot Chips

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a superpower?

Well I know.

From a very early age I knew I was different.

My senses were unusually heightened and finely tuned to any slight difference in taste, texture and aesthetic. But only when it came to one thing:


Mashed, baked, gratin-ed, hashed, stacked, gemmed, roasted, boiled, skinned, fried, wedged, chipped and gnocchi’d. You name it: I taste it, I feel it, I see it and I sense it.

But just like Tony Stark (or Taylor Swift), any superhero with a great skillset needs one thing. A solid super-squad to help in the fight for justice. Enter:

Hot Chicks Rate Chips

The all-female Canberra chip rating version of the Avengers.

We traipse the streets at night (and sometimes during the day too) entering the venues you frequent, buying your favourite kinds of fry and using each of our superpowers to deliver you an honest critique of Canberra’s finest cooked potatoes. Together we have joined forces to fight for Canberra’s potato justice.

Hot Chicks Rate Chips are standing by for duty to deliver you Canberra’s Top 10 Hot Chips*.

10. The Duxton

This O’Connor venue rounded out our top 10 because they not only offer a great take on the traditional pub chip, but also an excellent sweet potato version for the Low GI amongst us. These chips are definitely well seasoned, fluffy, more-ish and are served best with a beverage and some buddies.

‘Chips’ $9 and ‘Sweet Potato Fries’ $12

The Duxton | MacPherson Street, O’Connor|

9. Beef & Barley

If we could give the seasoning on these chips a 6/5 we would. These burger wizards produce a flavor on their fries that has you dragging fingers through the dregs, and doing a sneaky lick of each finger (you know, the kind of thing your Mum taught you not to do in public). Not many people go to Beef & Barley just for the chips but damn that’s the reason we can’t wait to go back.

‘Beer Battered Chips’ $7

Beef & Barley | Eyre Street, Kingston Foreshore |

8. Betti Bravo’s

One of our personal faves: The Beer Battered Chip! With a smoked chili salt seasoning and a cracking aioli, we think our sodium levels might need to be checked out after eating these bad boys.

‘Beer Battered Chips’ $11

Betti Bravo’s | 6/2 Trevillian Quay, Kingston |

7. The Old Canberra Inn

Those cheeky Chefs at Old Canberra Inn are picking up what we are putting down. They cut each delicious fry with their own hands, salting and seasoning them perfectly and making us want to come back for more (the cozy open fireplace helps too).

‘Hand Cut Chips’ $8

The Old Canberra Inn |195 Mouat Street, Lyneham |

6. Zeus Street Greek

These might be the new kids on the block when it comes to the Canberra casual dining scene, but they are definitely not a newbie when it comes to Yia Yia’s fries (that’s the Greek word for Grandma as in: “What do you mean you don’t eat no meat? That’s okay, I make lamb.” – Yia Yia, My Big Fat Greek Wedding). Anyway, Yia Yia has totally nailed the vego thing because these chips with fetta and oregano are out of control. They are crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and have just the right amount of fetta on top.

‘Yia Yia’s Chips’ $6.50 and ‘Feta & Oregano Chips’ $9.50

Zeus Street Greek | 21 Genge Street, Canberra City |

5. Shorty’s

The best thing about these chips is that they are the sexy, adult version of Samboys chips. The seasoning is next level and they don’t skimp on aioli. Will. Go. To. Shorty’s. Just. For. Chips.

‘Crinkle Cut Chips’ $10

Shorty’s | Garema Place, Civic |

4. The Austrian Club

The manager of this establishment assures us that these potatoes are traditionally cooked the Austrian way – with a secret recipe handed down through generations. We don’t know what’s in the recipe, but this charmingly quirky establishment delivers a beautifully crispy and seasoned Austrian potato with a traditional gravy. Also the best value for money in our top 10!

‘Austrian Potatoes’ $6

Austrian Club | 5 Mountevans Street, Mawson |

3. Tipsy Bull

I have five words that are going to have you wiping drool from your keyboard:

Twice. Cooked. In. Duck. Fat.

Oh it gets better… These chips also come smothered in tomato salsa and garlic aioli. The generous portion size should also be noted #foodcoma

‘Patatas Bravas’ $10

Tipsy Bull | 2/5 Lonsdale Street, Braddon |

2. Monster Kitchen

A crispy, crunchy, classily cut carb with a cracking condiment (try and say that ten times after a glass of wine). These chips made the number two spot due to their crispiness v fluffiness ratio (perfection), however the highlight was the house made tomato relish.

‘House Made Hand Cut Chips’ $10

Monster Kitchen | Hotel Hotel, 25 Edinburgh Ave, New Acton |

1. Vincent Restaurant

A clear winner. Thrice cooked, hand cut and served with a tasty aioli, these are the perfect combination of sexy and cute… sorry I mean fluffy and crispy. To keep this PG we won’t go into how these chips made us feel all over, but let’s just say we always order seconds… and thirds…

‘Hand-Cut Thick Potato Chips’ $10

Vincent Restaurant | Macquarie Street, Barton |

If you are a Canberra venue slinging starches and you would like a hot chick or two to come and rate your fries, contact us via our Instagram page @HotChicksRateChips or use your biggest searchlight to shine the Bat-Signal Chip-Signal into the night sky.

If you’re a chip enthusiast slide into our DMs and send us your tips.

What’s your favourite hot chip?

Editor’s Note: These ratings have already caused a stir in the HerCanberra office so if your favourites haven’t been mentioned, let us know in the comments!

*rating current May 2017

Hot Chicks Rate Hot Chips

‘Hot Chicks Rate Chips’ are a group of Canberra based, mega babes on the search for the perfect hot chip. We have developed a 5-point format to rate our favourite kind of starch and recount of the chip eating experience: 1. quality of seasoning, 2. cut of chip, 3. fluffiness, 4. crispiness, 5. condiment. You can follow us on Instagram #HotChicksRateChips #FriesBeforeGuys. We’d provide a photo, but our anonymity would be compromised. You know, the whole Bruce Wayne thing. More about the Author

  • The best chips I have had recently were at Cholo’s Peruvian Cuisine in Dickson. Fresh, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, perfectly salted. I’d head back just for the chips (and pisco sours).

  • Jenny

    I just HAVE to talk about the chips at a Bite to Eat in Chifley, The servings are huge, and with great aoli on the side, so you think ‘I’ll never eat all that’, and then you do! Because they are hot, crunchy outside, soft inside, fantastic flavour, and served with a smile.

  • Jodi Bingley

    The beer battered chips with aioli at ‘Pick Up Stix’ in Lyneham got me through a long cold hockey season! Best by far!!