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Canberra’s craziest desserts


Sweet tooth? We’ve rounded up some of Canberra’s craziest desserts.

Canberra’s creative chefs are going all Heston Blumenthal on the dessert scene, bringing food and science together to create sweet delights that will take your taste buds on an unchartered gastronomic journey through Australia’s capital like no other.

Bombolini doughnuts from the markets


Bombolinis. Image: Martin Ollman.

An early morning wander around the Capital Region Farmers Markets on Saturday or the Southside Farmers Market on Sunday is not complete without awakening your taste buds with a Bombolini doughnut. Bombolini is a local Canberra institution, making fluffy light Bombolini doughnuts that explode with homemade flavoured custards and jams. They’re literally custard bombs – seriously tasty. Each week Bombolini features eight flavours, including staples like Madagascan vanilla with wild flowers and dark chocolate with shaved chocolate curls, plus other inventive additions.

Freakshakes from Patissez

Patissez_Rebecca Doyle Photography_001

A Pâtissez Freakshake. Image: Bec Doyle Photography.

Join the social media freak show at Patissez Café, the home of the world-renowned Freakshakes. Yep, it’s been trademarked. The gobsmacking sight of these monster milkshakes will have you going viral on Instagram before you indulge. Try the Cookies ‘n Freaks, made from Lindt white chocolate ganache, Oreo chocolate cookie crumb, chocolate fudge and topped with giant white chocolate mousse and a chocolate cookie sandwich. So popular are the shakes that Patissez has opened an outlet in Malaysia!

Ice cream from Frugii Dessert Laboratory

Frugii. Image by Rebecca Doyle Photography

Frugii. Image by Rebecca Doyle Photography

The ice cream at Frugii Dessert Laboratory in the central Canberra suburb of Braddon must be tasted to be believed. Ice cream alchemist John Marshall has made quite a name for himself with his ice-creams, sorbets and gelatos. With flavours such as Tim Tam, salted butter caramel and even peanut butter and bacon, the difficulty will be in the choosing, not in the eating. There are also organic fruit and nut flavours and they are even experimenting with Paleo and herb varieties.

Salted caramel popcorn sundae from eightysix

eightysix's Caramel Popcorn Sundae. Image: supplied.

eightysix’s Caramel Popcorn Sundae. Image: supplied.

Take a trip down memory lane with eightysix’s salted caramel popcorn sundae, a modern take on the good ol’ fashioned childhood favourite. The sundae, which has featured on the cover of Australian Gourmet Traveller, has become a Canberra institution. Owner Gus Armstrong says the most important element of this dish in the caramel. “It needs to be dark and carry a rich flavour. Before adding butter and cream, the sugar and glucose is taken to 182 degrees. Dark toasty caramel gives great contrasting flavour to the cool buttery ice cream”. Yum!

Cakes from Ricardo’s Café

Ricardo's many treats. Image: Tess Godkin.

Ricardo’s many treats. Image: Tess Godkin.

You will instantly marvel at the immaculately presented creations that fill the big glass cabinet of this bustling shopfront in the unassuming Canberra suburb of Jamison. Choose from rows of vibrant macarons, gold-dusted mousse cakes, injectable doughnuts and cakes in the shape of a bomb that are presented with a lit sparkler fizzing in them, to name a handful. It’s all hugely creative at Ricardo’s and totally Instagrammable.

Brownies from Jamie’s Italian

Jamie's Italian's Epic Brownie. Image: supplied.

Jamie’s Italian’s Epic Brownie. Image: supplied.

You simply can’t go past the Epic Brownie at Jamie’s Italian. The warm fudgy brownie with amaretto ice cream and caramelised amaretti popcorn lives up to its name. With prime position in the Canberra Centre on Bunda Street, Jamie’s Italian is the perfect place for a mid-shopping pit stop or a buzzing evening out.

Tarts from Silo Bakery

Silo Bakery's tarts. Image: Visit Canberra.

Silo Bakery’s tarts. Image: Visit Canberra.

Featuring some of Australia’s finest cakes and breads, Silo has a selection of tarts that will tantalise even the most scrupulous of tastebuds. Silo’s chocolate tart is renowned for its crispness and integrity of the pastry, with medium-density, excellent-quality chocolate filling topped with tiny, exquisite poached winter fruits.

Petit Feast from Buvette

Petit Feast. Image: supplied.

Petit Feast. Image: supplied.

Spoil yourself with a bountiful spread including savouries, charcuterie, cheeses and decadent desserts every Saturday at Buvette Bistro & Wine Bar in Hotel Realm. The Petit Feast features freshly made savouries and sweets including charcuterie and oysters as well as lavish desserts. For an extra $15 you can add bottomless Mimosas.

Macarons from Dream Cuisine



The Dream Cuisine team has created award-winning macaron recipes using a selection of Australian nuts, such as hazelnuts, macadamia, pistachio and walnuts. Expect fantastical flavours like pistachio and lime; raspberry; hazelnut and chocolate; cherry and chocolate; walnut and whisky; and the all-time favourite, salted caramel, using French Fleur de Sel.

Dessert Degustation from Koko Black

One of Koko Black's delicious desserts. Image: Michelle Brotohusodo.

One of Koko Black’s delicious desserts. Image: Michelle Brotohusodo.

Round out a decadent weekend of sweet treats with Koko Black’s Dessert Degustation. The tasting platter includes Chocolate Alchemy Gâteau, Strawberry and White Chocolate Torte, Caramel Délice and Chocolate Mousse. All served with your choice of ice cream of course!

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