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All Buttered up: Croissant delivery service to launch in Canberra

Emma de Kiefte

As the weekend approaches you can expect to smell the aroma of buttery, freshly made croissants wafting across Canberra.

That’s because this weekend, Dream Cuisine will launch the territory’s first and only freshly baked croissant delivery service. The hand-made pastries will be rolled out to select suburbs across Canberra between 7 am and 9 am across both Saturday and Sunday.

Owner and baker, Owen Saddler, believes that delivery is the way of the future for Canberra.

“I’ve been going to the Farmers’ Market for a long time and while they’re fantastic, it looks like the market and customer habits are moving in a different direction,” he says.

“With UberEATS coming along and other different delivery services, it seemed to me more and more customers would be excited about something like this. The main difference of course is I will be doing the delivery myself. There’s no platform, it’s just me or one of my staff members in a van.”

Owen believes Dream Cuisine’s new service will compete with other delivery services due to the connection that’s made between the customers and the creators of the spectacular homemade pastries.

“There’s more of a connection with the maker this way. Whoever makes the delivery will be one of the people that have made the pastries. People want to connect with the makers of their food.”

As Canberrans’ lives get busier this summer, Owen believes that his new service will grow in popularity.

“It’s about people spending time at home, especially this time of year. To have beautiful products delivered to your door makes that time even more special.”

Dream Cuisine’s pastry delivery service will be available this weekend to the following suburbs: Narrabundah, Barton, O’Connor, Hackett, Red Hill, Campbell, Turner, Watson, Forrest, Reid, Lyneham, New Acton, Manuka, Ainslie, Dickson, Acton, Kingston, Braddon, Downer and Canberra City.

Those lucky enough to live in these areas can make a selection from the classic, almond, snail and chocolate croissants and blueberry danishes.

To make your order call Owen on 0403 248 693, email [email protected] or contact them via their Instagram or Facebook pages. The minimum order is $20 with an added $5 delivery fee. For orders of $50 or more, there’s no delivery fee. Payment will be cash only, but drivers will be carrying change.

Make sure you place your order before 3pm the day before and don’t forget to include your order, address and phone number!

For those who don’t live in the suburbs listed above, Owen has some reassuring words.

“If you’re not in those areas that we are starting with, please remember that we’ll be expanding as long as we get enough demand! While we don’t have the resources to build a nice app like UberEATS we promise that the service will be just as good if not better.”

Emma de Kiefte

Emma is a fourth-year University of Canberra student studying International Studies and Communications in Journalism interning with HerCanberra. She loves being active and spending lots of time outside. Her hobbies include hiking, hockey, handball and alliteration. In 2018 she hopes to complete her degree in Rome or Belgium, focusing on international relations. Emma's interests include animal well-fare, international affairs and David Attenborough. More about the Author