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First Look: Nellie’s Café and Bar

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Nellie glides effortlessly through Canberra’s party scene, her style timeless and chic.

The creator of sparkling conversation, delicious drinks and cute baked treats, Nellie is who everyone wants at their party. But Nellie isn’t a person—she’s a caravan.

The product of four years planning for owners Lisa Hudson and Michael Hammond, Nellie’s Café and Bar launched earlier this week as a full-service catering solution for celebrations. Lisa has previously established her brand ‘By Lisa’ in Canberra with Candles by Lisa and Balloonograms by Lisa. For a budding entrepreneur like her, Nellie’s was a natural step.

Michael and Lisa

“I love baking and I’ve always wanted to do something where I can make my own treats to share with people,” says Lisa. “I wanted to create something exciting and different, which is where my idea for Nellie’s was born.”

Lisa explains that finding the perfect Nellie took a while but it was worth it, with herself and partner Michael finding their dream dame in a custom-built caravan from Melbourne.

“The name Nellie came from my nickname growing up,” says Lisa. “I was a drama queen and wannabe actress and it just stuck.” Aside from running Nellie’s, Lisa is also aiming to study nursing part-time while running the business with her “one and only” Michael, who she says loves to “taste sample” everything before it’s approved for Nellie’s.

Lisa describes the aesthetic the pair strove to achieve as “modern and classy”. With glossy black walls and wooden panelling along the windows, Nellie could fit seamlessly into all celebrations, which Lisa explains is the aim.

“I love the idea of natural, classy and boho weddings,” she explains. “I wanted something that will fit in nicely in the backdrop where people can take photos without advertising written all over it. I know that getting that perfect shot at events is important to people, and I think they’ll find Nellie very photogenic.”

Inside, Nellie has enough glasses to refresh 150 people, as well as hot drink facilities, and Lisa plans to stock her with homemade treats like cake and fudge. To complement her baking, Lisa will also serve milkshakes made with homemade ice cream, coffee and organic tea.

Lisa adds that Nellie can ‘dress up’ to suit any occasion, but in the meantime she can be accessorised with copper pendant lights and greenery, depending on the occasion.

Lisa expects that Nellie will be popular for events such as bridal showers, engagement parties, weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries but she adds that they can also cater for high teas and children’s parties.

“You pick the venue and we set up,” explains Lisa. “Whether that’s Lennox Gardens or the Rose Gardens at Parliament House, we’ll get approval from the necessary people and you just show up. Everything else is taken care of by us.”

If you’re looking for a classy catering solution for an outdoor venue, give Nellie a call. She’s sure to impress.

Find more information about Nellie’s Café and Bar on the website.


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