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Canberra’s newest eatery, Tikka Take, will be putting a fresh take on tikkas when it opens in the city on Monday 12 December.

Quitting his day job as an engineer in 2015, Tikka Take founder Ankit Patel was keen to bring new life to the age old art of tikkas. The food embraces traditional Indian spices, while offering new and unique blends and flavours.

“Tikka is an ancient food, and very famous in India”, said Ankit.

“It is simply the cooking meat on skewers over heat. What we’ve aimed to achieve is a new way of enjoying tikka, designed for today’s active and busy lifestyles”.


Walking into Tikka Take, it’s obvious this isn’t your usual Indian/Central Asian restaurant.  A casual restaurant dishing up unprocessed food made-to-order, we’re talking fresh meals with an Indian flare. The restaurant also boasts a DIY juice bar, where you can create your own flavors combinations to go with your meal.

“We wanted to create options. Whether you are looking for a light meal with bright flavours or a more hearty meal, we’ve got options to suit everyone”.


“Everything we serve is completely unique and our equipment isn’t used anywhere else – we really want to give people something they’ve never tried before in Canberra and Australia”.

‘Equipment’ isn’t usually associated with ‘entertainment’, but this is something really different. Your food will mesmerise you as it cooks in front of you – it’s fascinating to watch, as you can see from the image.


Tikka Take also offer a new twist on the classic carnival snow cone. A high-tech ice making machine combines your desired flavour to the ice before it is shredded, creating a tasty flakey snow-like dessert that literally melts in your mouth. Perfect for this time of year.


Tikka Take will open its doors this Monday 12 December – worth a look if you’re after a delightfully different lunch or dinner option.

the essentials

What: Tikka Take
Where: 6/21 Genge Street, Canberra City
When: 7 days a week from 10am – 10pm


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  • Simon Carter

    tried this today. was great. will be back. did the chicken tikka with ironman salad and got an extra tikka. tasted great going down and felt great afterwards.

  • Loved it ! Great place and great food !