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Five more Canberra coffee spots to try…

Tess Parisotto

It’s been six long months since we gave you our top 10 coffee spots to try this year, but 10 just wasn’t enough. As Canberra’s coffee culture continues to flourish, spreading its reach from buzzing inner-city locations all the way into suburbia, we hit you with another five places coffee spots to try…

Red Brick Espresso {Curtin}

The best way to describe Red Brick Espresso is a buried treasure. Situated at the Curtin Shops, you’d never expect to come across a place like this when you duck down to your local corner store.

It’s impressive.

I admit I’ve not always been a fan of Red Brick Coffee, so I didn’t have high hopes upon going to try them out. I had tried a cup or two from local cafes that Red Brick supply their beans to and I’ve been sorely unimpressed. But when I visited the café itself and tasted their coffee straight from the source, I quickly re-evaluated my opinion.


The exterior might not entice you to walk in and it’s actually quite easy to walk on by, but follow your nose and your tastebuds will thank you. If you show up on a weekend, the place is hard to miss packed out to maximum capacity with patrons splaying out to the outdoor seating area whatever the weather because the coffee on offer is too good to pass up.

The décor is a tad eclectic (or maybe hipster is a better word for it). There are multi-coloured patterned cushions scattered across the window side benches, light wooden tables and metal chairs, and there’s a large mural on the inside wall opposite the roasting machine. But the best part is the beautiful natural light shining through from the large windows on both outside-facing walls. You’ll want to stay in there all day, soaking up the sun and all of the good coffee.

The essentials
Where: Shop 4/35 Curtin Place, Curtin
When: 7.30am-4.30pm Monday to Saturday; and 8am-2pm Sunday.
Phone: (02) 6285 1668

Highgate Lane Coffee Roasters {Kingston}

I only recently discovered these guys existed much to my dismay because they’ve been open for the best part of a year. (And I call myself a coffee-fiend…shame on me!) They’re tucked away behind Kingston’s popular Café Bittersweet, inside the Cusack Centre.


They ethically source their greens from various suppliers around the globe and then roast the beans themselves on site (the roaster sits right next to the coffee machine), which I always find really exciting because it’s like you’re right in the middle of all the action! The fit-out gives a really good vibe – the dark colour scheme and wood panelling across the ceiling creates a rustic but romantic feel where you melt into your surroundings like you’re a part of the café; a piece of furniture in the background watching the world go by. This little coffee nook will see you lose yourself for a good hour or two, so be sure to drop by with a good book in hand and forget the outside world for a little while.

The essentials
Where: Cusack Centre, Highgate Lane, Kingston
Phone: (02) 6260 7263
Web: Find Highgate Lane Coffee Roasters on Facebook.

Mocan & Green Grout {NewActon}

This is one place I wouldn’t have necessarily predicted to have such good coffee, but every time I have paid a visit Mocan & Green Grout has delivered. It sits on the edge of the NewActon Cultural Precinct on Marcus Clarke Street (just around the corner from HerCanberra HQ) and has a big emphasis on using organic and locally sourced produce.


True to that emphasis, Mocan & Green Grout use their own locally roasted and organic Fairtrade blend — Mocan Bros — and it’s delicious. The space itself also has an organic feel to it and aims to “evoke the warmth and familiarity of eating in a good friend’s kitchen” as so aptly described by Mocan & Green Grout themselves, which could not be more true! You could spend every waking hour of the day inside that café and still feel like you were at home. With a relaxed and welcoming vibe, you’ll leave feeling reinvigorated and satisfied after a good coffee or two.

The Essentials
Where: 1/19 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra
When: 7am-6pm Monday; 7am-9pm Tuesday to Saturday; and 8am-4pm Sunday.
Phone: (02) 6162 2909

Lava {Weston & Phillip}

Lava is probably the most exciting thing to happen to Southside’s coffee scene, since…well, forever.


They serve some seriously tasty coffee — among the best I’ve had around town actually — with a main focus on traceability. This means knowing where exactly the coffee comes from and showing due respect for its journey all the way from the farm to the cup. Lava in Weston sources their beans from widely-known and well-respected Melbourne-based coffee roasters, Sensory Lab & Code Black Coffee, which pretty much never disappoint. If you’re looking for a tasty espresso that will completely knock your socks off, then Lava is the place to go.


The other great thing about Lava is that its home to some awesome baristas who are really passionate about coffee. Seeing baristas who are enthusiastic about what they do and wanting to share that with their customers is what makes an experience with coffee a whole lot more exciting. That kind of attitude is what makes me want to spend hours and hours in a coffee shop. Oh and the delicious coffee too, of course!

The essentials
What: Lava Phillip
Where: Unit 1/38 Townsend Street, Phillip
When: 7am-4pm Monday to Friday; and 7am-3pm Saturday.
Phone: (02) 6285 3614

What: Lava Weston
Where: 45 Brierly Street, Weston Creek
When: 7am-4pm Monday to Friday; 7am-3pm Saturday; and 8am-3pm Sunday.
Phone: (02) 6257 8882
Web: Find Lava Weston on Facebook

Barrio Collective Coffee {Braddon}

The most recent addition to Canberra’s thriving coffee culture – Barrio – is sure to impress upon your first visit. Owners Sam, Duncan and David have created an intimate and simplistic space, which offers a serene and satisfying caffeinated affair. This place adds a whole new dimension to the buzzing hipster-hive that is Braddon’s Lonsdale Street. Their focus is to showcase local produce and to serve it the best way it can be served.


They offer a variety of different coffees sourced from various greens suppliers surrounding the region and they’re all roasted locally. To accompany your coffee, there’s a bunch of tasty food options too including Thick cut toast with cinnamon sugar and dark rye with avocado and togorashi seasoning (to die for). You’ll always find something new and interesting from Barrio, and it’s a place you’ll most certainly enjoy spending time in.

The essentials
Where: ORI Building, 59/30 Lonsdale Street, Braddon
When: 7am-2pm Sunday to Wednesday; 7am-5pm Thursday to Saturday
Phone: 0423 100 814
Web: Visit or email [email protected]


Tess Parisotto

Tess Parisotto is a 21 year old freelance writer and University student currently studying a Bachelor of Writing at the University of Canberra. Born and raised a Canberran, Tess loves her city and being a part of the Canberra community. She has a love for all things local, and is a self-confessed coffee nut, fiercely passionate about coffee and cafe culture in general. Follow @tessparisotto on Instagram for your daily dose of Canberra goodness and other pretty things. More about the Author

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