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The Proof is in the pudding: Kirsty’s Pudding Day

Chloe Lester

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

It’s where life-long memories are made, dabbling over food with family and friends, and in more ways than one, food brings us together – the proof really is in the pudding!

Come festive season, gathering around the table to share a heartfelt meal with loved ones are some of our fondest memories, and for Kirsty, hearing laughter spill from her kitchen as her mother made Christmas pudding with her closest friends is a tradition that relishes these wonderful memories through the connection of food.

“My mother made Christmas puddings from as far back as I can remember,” Kristy explains. “She always asked us to stir the pudding for good luck, before she put it on to steam”.

Through watching her mother in the kitchen, happily sharing her cooking secrets with those she adored, ‘Pudding Day’ came to life.

“It was always such a noisy day, with plenty of laughter. My mother was blessed to have such incredibly beautiful friends, always there for each other, always joining in on the fun”, says Kirsty.

“The kitchen smells amazing as all the ingredients come together, and there’s always one person whose hand shoots up when I ask, “Who wants to measure the alcohol?”

“This year marks the 25 year anniversary of my mother, she lost her life to cancer two months before Christmas. I can remember our first Christmas without her so vividly; our family was so determined to make it special. We re-created her traditional Christmas dinner – the food she loved to cook was one of our connections to her.”

Some years on, Kirsty still shares her mother’s passion for cooking (and pudding) and each year in her honor, Kirsty holds a gathering with her closest friends to celebrate ‘Pudding Day’.

“It’s so easy to say my fondest memories are having people excited about my Pudding Day. It’s a very energetic day. We measure, and mix, and work around the kitchen bench – everyone has a task”.

What started as a simple get together with Kirsty’s mother and her friends, has since become a yearly tradition and means a day to connect, to both the past and the present.

On Sunday 3 July, you too are invited to join in on a wonderful day of cooking, creativity and festive frivolity!


Hosted in the beautiful Pialligo Estate Glasshouse, Kirsty’s Pudding Day will start with a light champagne lunch – much like how pudding day gatherings started in Kirsty’s kitchen – followed by an afternoon of creating your very own decedent Christmas pudding, which you can take home and enjoy with your loved ones on Christmas Day – or Christmas in July (if you can’t resist).

the essentials

Where: Pialligo Estate Glasshouse, 18 Kallaroo Road, Pialligo Estate.
When: Sunday, 3 July 2016 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (AEST)
Tickets: $150pp. Sales close Thursday 30 June at midnight. To secure your spot in the Pudding Day kitchen visit Eventbrite
Tickets include:

  • Beverages and a light lunch
  • Pudding ingredients and utensils
  • Your very own pudding and pudding bowl to take home – ready to steam (pudding serves approx 20 people).
  • You will also have instructions on how to steam and how to serve your pudding, as well as a recipe for homemade Crème anglaise.

Chloe Lester

Chloe has joined the HerCanberra team as a writing intern and has recently completed her double-degree in Graphic Design and Advertising Communications. She works as a freelance Graphic Designer and is passionate about Canberra’s growing arts culture and all things creative. She is a lover of travel and chai tea, and when she’s not by her laptop creating eclectic designs, you will find her perusing the sweets section at cafes, stalking minimalist interiors on Pinterest and exploring one of Canberra’s beautiful nature walks. More about the Author

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