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Happy New Year! So where’s open today?

Valeriya Lloyd

HAPPY 2017!

We hope you popped the tops off many bottles last night and enjoyed putting 2016 – a year that many believe will go down in history as a shocker – behind you.

For those with sore heads and no appetite to face a supermarket (if they’re even open), here’s where you can get your fill of cold drinks and hot food today.

If you’re looking for hangover helpers, you’re in luck. Click here to see our guide. 

Beach Burrito Company: Open 11am til 10pm in Civic.Website

Bentspoke: Open 2pm til late in Braddon. Website.

Buvette: Open for breakfast in Barton. | Website

The Duxton: Open from 11am til late in O’Connor. | Website.

Edgars: Open 11:30am til late in Ainslie. | Website.

Grease Monkey: Open from 11 am til late in Braddon. | Website

Hopscotch: Open from 11 am til late in Braddon. | Website

Joe’s Bar: Open for lunch from 12pm-4.45pm and dinner from 5pm-9.30pm in Kingston. | Website

King O’Malley’s: Open 11am til late in Civic. | Website

Monster kitchen & bar: Open from 6.30 am til 1 am in NewActon. | Website

Mr Papa: Open for lunch and dinner at The Hamlet in Braddon. | Website

Muse: Open from 7am til 12pm in Kingston. | Website

Number 10 Restaurant & Bar: Open for breakfast between 7 am – 10 am in Woden | Website 

Ostani Bar & Restaurant: Open for dinner from 6pm in Barton | Website 

Shorty’s: Open 10am til late in Civic. | Website.

Public: Open 9am til late in Manuka. Website.

Walt & Burley: Open all day. | Website.


Valeriya Lloyd

Val is studying Communications in Media and Public Affairs at University of Canberra and has a great passion for writing (in two languages as she originally came to Canberra from Russia). Val enjoys writing about life generally, and sometimes from a fictional perspective. She often generates new ideas in sudden moments and admits that she has at least two diaries, where she writes her notes and inspiration for future stories. She loves to meet new people and showcase their talents and originality. Val is very social person, who loves the local lifestyle and the inner beauty of Canberra. More about the Author

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