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Parlour Obscura: A sumptuous fare

Jessica Schumann

It’s the month that sees many Canberra folk out and about enjoying special dinners, long lunches and a series of talks with local chefs, otherwise known as Good Food Month. A time where those who love their food open their minds and mouths to new flavours, culinary adventures and creative concoctions, and all in the name of eating.

One such restaurant, Parlour Wine Room is offering a rather obscure dining experience — an experience where you can be adventurous with your eating and try unfamiliar dishes you might not otherwise look at twice on the menu.

It’s called Parlour Obscura and it’s chef James Forman’s way of putting the spotlight on food that is often pushed to the side or overlooked with a menu that shows how you can create dishes will the parts that you would simply discard of.

Consisting of five tapas courses that explore good food and wine, the menu will focus on meat and seafood that is generally wasted in the kitchen — the cuts that people aren’t familiar with and the seafood that is often thrown back into the ocean. The sumptuous fare is designed to challenge your senses and breakdown the weird barriers most of us associate with eating particular animals or vegetables.

Barriers that are often just a mindset and that can be easily persuaded with the right spices, cooking methods and flavours.

But your mindset won’t just be tested with food.

The mysterious dinner will also be matched to some very unusual and obscure wines chosen by Peter Bell, Parlour’s sommelier.

So if you’re ready to embrace new flavours and experience a whole new world of food, then open your mind and book in for the Parlour Obscura dinner tonight. Your tastebuds will thank you for it!

The essentials
What: Parlour Obscura — Mysterious Dinner
Where: Parlour Wine Rooms
When: 6.30pm Wednesday 4 March
How much: $150 including wines
Bookings: (02) 6257 7325 or email [email protected]



Jessica Schumann

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