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Review: 3seeds Cooking School

Josephine Walsh

Following recipes is something I find challenging.

I always want to just add in a bit of extra garlic/butter/cheese/wine. Why is my cake not rising properly? Maybe it’s because I subbed out the banana with passionfruit and added a giant handful of dark chocolate buttons…

I’ve never been to a cooking class, but I was excited to go along to 3seeds Cooking School recently. Located in the Fyshwick markets, 3seeds is impressively decked out with state-of-the-art Electrolux cooktops, and I was excited by the range of delicious ingredients laid out ready for us to use.


We’re cooking a three-course French meal, and I’m impressed by the delicious French wine that we’re offered when we arrive. I get chatting to some of the other guests – one lady has just moved to Canberra and has been taking 3seeds classes as a way to get to know people, another gentleman in my group was given the course as a gift. I can see this being a great idea for a girls night out, an anniversary treat, or a delicious option for a bucks night.

The mood is chilled and our instructor, chef Andrew Haskins, has a dry sense of humour, which relaxes the group. He walks us through the different recipes we’re using, is patient with our questions and demonstrates each technique to show us what we should be aiming for. Wonderful chef Brittany is assisting us by preparing ingredients and ensuring we have all the utensils we need. Not having to do the washing up as we go takes the stress out of the evening!



We kick off by working in small groups to get our dessert, Crème Caramel, prepped and in the oven. Sweets aren’t something I cook often, but the recipe is surprisingly simple and easy to follow. Andrew explains the different ways you can make toffee, and explains when you’re cooking with milk that you should always use full-cream where possible. There is a four litre container of thickened cream on the table which is at risk of ‘accidentally’ coming home with me.

Dessert is in the oven, so now we’re on to creating our Gruyere Souffle, which this evening we’ll be enjoying with some bug tails gently fried in a creamy Pernod and garlic sauce. While we’ve been creating dessert, Andrew has whipped up some bread oozing this delicious sauce, which keeps our hunger at bay and prevents me from eating all of the gruyere cheese allocated to my group. With our soufflés in the oven, we gently warm the bug tails and blanche some asparagus stems, Andrew shows us how to present the dish beautifully and we sit down to eat together. It’s a beautiful dish and I’m pleased that my soufflé is fluffy and flavoursome.


Time for dinner. We’re cooking Blanquette de Veau, which is veal gently cooked in a creamy ragout with mushrooms. Andrew talks us through filleting meat and demonstrates how to distinguish between fat and sinew. We’re each cooking our own meals this time, and we each get started on sealing our meat and creating a roux as the basis for our sauce.

We’re cooking with truffle salt and decadent morel mushrooms, and the aromas in the kitchen are amazing. I’m ‘testing’ my sauce regularly and somehow more and more of the cream finds its way into my little saucepan.

We’d prepared some duck-fat roasted potatoes earlier in the evening, and these are nearly ready to go. Andrew blanches some crispy green beans, shows us how to present our veal and we sit down to eat. This is definitely a recipe I’ll be trying at home! The sauce is rich, and the veal is beautifully tender from being gently cooked within the flavour-packed ragout.



It’s getting late in the evening, and although we’re full from two delicious meals, we’re excited to see how our crème caramels have turned out.

We prepare these beautiful little creations with Turkish fairy floss, strawberries, hibiscus syrup and edible roses before polishing them off. Andrew and Brittany give out takeaway containers for those of us wanting to take our delicious desserts home with us.

creme brulee

We’re each given our recipes to take home, and some of the guests hang back to ask Andrew some last-minute questions about French cooking.

It’s been a wonderfully relaxing night, and I’ve learnt lots of new cooking tricks and tips to use at home. I may even follow the recipes for these dishes!

Jose attended the three-course French Dinner courtesy of the wonderful team at 3seeds, and thanks them for a lovely evening.

the essentials:

What: 3seeds Cooking School
Where: Fyshwick Markets Cnr Dalby & Mildura streets, Fyshwick. Above Market Fresh.
How much: Private classes range from $90-140pp, for public classes check the class schedule
Enquiries: [email protected], (02) 6295 7722
Web: 3seeds.com.au



Josephine Walsh

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