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Review: Quizine

Jessica Rolfe

As Canberra continues to grow, so does its landscape of restaurants, however, it can sometimes be difficult to locate a café or restaurant that’s both quick and healthy when you’re on the go.

When I came across Quizine in the middle of Botany Street in Phillip, I knew my tastebuds wouldn’t be compromised, but neither would my love of the gym and clean eating.

A family owned and run business by brother and sister duo Rachel and Nick, Quizine blurs the lines between café and fast food, aiming to bring a healthy alternative to the business owners of Phillip. The Quizine team have made it simple to switch to clean eating whilst still maintaining their food’s quality flavour, so that everyone who chooses from their menu can eat like a professional athlete.

Upon entering the café you’ll notice that the atmosphere is buzzing and uplifting, partly due to the welcoming positive affirmation wall behind the counter. From personal trainers to lovers of the gym (Quizine is conveniently located across the road from Elite Physique gym) to tradies and members of the public – even families – Quizine’s menu of salads and ‘build-able’ meals is varied enough to suit many tastes.

Originally, Quizine’s menu was designed in collaboration with personal trainers to deliver a range of healthy, affordable and clean meals for everyone to enjoy. All produce and ingredients are sourced locally, to ensure that each customer is receiving the freshest food.


Sweet potato and quinoa salad with crumbled feta cheese. Photo: Jessica Hargreaves McDonald.

They have a range of choices to meet all dietary needs. They also cater to creating your own fit meal based on your needs as well as various salads, breakfast options, juices & smoothies, coffee and clean snacks (their peanut butter protein balls are my favourite!).

I had an opportunity to interview owner Rachel (who’s been in the food industry since she was 11 years-old!) to ask her a few questions about their business.

What made you want to create Quizine?

“Before Quizine, I found a lack of healthy options in the Canberra food scene. Of course there was Boost Juice, Wok It Up and Sumo Salad etc. but all these franchises’ [food] still contained hidden nasties and were not ‘practical, simple or clean’, the idea of Quizine evolved based on food we like to eat every day to keep us healthy happy and fuelled.”

Goal-wise has it achieved what you originally planned?

“Goal-wise Quizine is on track. Ideally we would like to have hit a few more targets but its all part of the growing and learning process of owning and running a business, especially a newly operated business. Having said that, every day we learn new ways to grow Quizine, and I am especially proud of where we are at and where the future of Quizine is heading.”


Vegetarian Fit Meal: vegetable fritter, lentil protein slice, fresh avocado, steamed broccoli and carrots with a side of quinoa tabouli. Photo: Jessica Hargreaves McDonald.

Where do you see Quizine in five years time?

“I see Quizine being a successfully run franchise, I’d like to see the business grow and open in states across Australia. Promoting healthy eating across the board would be an amazing achievement.”

What is your favourite meal on the menu and why?

“My favourite meal on the menu has to be ‘The Vegetarian’ (Lentil protein slice, quinoa tabouli, broccoli and carrots with vegetable fritter and avocado. Served with sweet chilli). Although I’m not a vegetarian by any means, I love the variety and colours this meals offers.”

What’s one piece of advice you would give someone starting out in the food industry?

“Don’t underestimate the value of market research. Look at every angle and every possibility. Take a step back and look at all options as a business transaction. Don’t let your heart rule your brain.”


Steel cut oats served with poached apple, berry compote and sprinkled with brown sugar. Photo: Jessica Hargreaves McDonald.

Who do you look for for inspiration when creating your menu? Who do you follow on social media?

“My inspiration for Quizine’s menu comes from an everyday busy lifestyles. I look for produce and meats that are easily available and in season all year round. The menu is ultimately the food I eat and what others can eat all day every day. It has been designed to benefit diet, health and lifestyle.”

Who are your top five healthy eating inspirations on Instagram?

How would you describe the atmosphere at Quizine?

“The atmosphere at Quizine is vibrant, energetic, happy and positive. My favourite part about working at Quizine has to be the staff and the customers, they are after all what makes Quizine what we are today.”

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What: Quizine
Where: 17 Botany Street, Phillip
When: Monday to Friday 7am to 4.30pm,  Saturday 7.30am to 2.30pm
Phone: 02 6281 6556
Web: quizine.net.au