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Sonoma Bakery is coming to Canberra! 

Emma Macdonald

Stop the presses bread nerds! Sonoma Bakery is coming to Canberra!

Yes, the famed Sydney Bakery is filling a loaf-shaped hole in our hearts where Autolyse used to be – taking over the former Autolyse shopfront on Lonsdale Street, Braddon.

Sonoma will next year be bringing its incredible range of artisan sourdoughs to the capital including its signature loaf—the Sonoma Miche—which is characterised by a distinct smokey flavour with a dark caramelised and blistered crust and an open and chewy crumb.

The bakery has a wonderful back-story, having been started on the taste of nostalgia and a whim. Truck driver Kerry Connole had strong childhood memories of the aroma of fresh bread from a wood-fired bakery from the NSW country town of Bellata. Decades later, he came across the then derelict bakery and enlisted his two sons, Andrew and Christian, to lovingly restore it and fire up the ovens.

The fact that none of them had ever baked bread before was a mere detail.  It was the late 1990s, and not to do things by halves, Andrew headed off to San Francisco to learn all he could about the art of sourdough. He was inspired by the Northern Californian-style of baking naturally fermented sourdough bread, directly on the hearth of a wood-fired oven. The Californian city of Sonoma stuck as a name and Andrew returned with a jar of leaven, the live natural yeast that’s the cornerstone of a Sonoma loaf to this day.

Every loaf of Sonoma sourdough contains freshly-milled sustainable flour, filtered water, sourdough starter and sea salt.

After two decades in the game, Sonoma bread is now a specialty sold across seven stores in Sydney.

Canberrans will need to wait another few months for the bakery to start producing, but HerCanberra can confirm the move is on and Sonoma staff are eager to set up shop.

Stay tuned as we bring you more on the biggest and best carbohydrate story of 2018.


Emma Macdonald

Emma Macdonald has been writing about Canberra and its people for more than 20 years, winning numerous awards for her journalism - including a Walkley or two - along the way. Canberra born and bred, she’s fiercely loyal to the city, tribally inner-north, and relieved the rest of the country is finally recognising Canberra’s cool and creative credentials. More about the Author