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Seven restaurants serving up amazing Thai food

Tessa Domzalski

Take Your Tongue On A Trip To Thailand

As winter settles in, the hunt for the perfect warming Asian restaurant is on. Here are seven of our fave Thai places.

Kinn Thai

Image: instagram/4nn5im

Image: instagram/4nn5im

“Kinn” means “eat” in Thai, and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing at this popular restaurant. Kinn Thai places an emphasis on the traditional way of eating Thai food which involves sharing plates with your mates.

Their food is spicy, sweet, sour, salty, and bitter — all the flavours that make up a great Thai dish. We recommend the traditional ka na moo grob, a crispy pork belly dish stir fried with garlic and Chinese broccoli — a great accompaniment to some freshly steamed jasmine rice. If meat isn’t your thing, try the chilli and green peppercorn eggplant instead. It’s a spicy sensation that’s sure to wake you (and your tongue) right up.

Canberra Centre, 125 Bunda Street, Canberra City | Every day 11.30am–3pm, 5–10pm | (02) 6247 1277 | kinnrestaurant.com.au

Thip’s Thai

Image: instagram.com/sabrinasabrinayu

Image: instagram.com/sabrinasabrinayu

This hidden gem is a local favourite. Thip’s Thai serves up big portions with equally big flavours. Known for keeping their heat level at an authentic level it’s not for those with who can’t handle some spice.

We can’t stop ordering their shrimp pad thai, but another interesting dish is the squid salad. The dish is sweet and sour with a kick of heat. If you’re looking for a new Thai dish to fall in love with, this is the thing for you.

Level 1, Belconnen Churches Centre, 15 Benjamin Way, Belconnen | Monday to Friday 11am–2:30pm, 5–8:30pm | (02) 6251 5555 | 

Soi Noodle Bar

Image: facebook.com/pg/soinoodlebar

Image: facebook.com/pg/soinoodlebar

While the name is Thai in origin (“soi” is “road” in Thai), this Asian fusion spot is influenced by both Thai and Japanese cuisine so you can expect to find dishes from both countries. We like their take on the yum neuh, a spicy and citrus-y dish that serves sliced beef with fresh vegetables.

If you’re a creative mind with a creative palate, consider designing your own dish. You start with noodles or rice and from there the sky is the limit. We love getting rice noodles with (hot!!!) Thai sauce, lemongrass and kaffir leaves, cashews, and lamb. 

Shop EG08, Bunda Street, Canberra Centre, Canberra City | Every day 11am–10pm | (02) 6247 0888 | soinoodlebar.com.au

Lemongrass Thai

Open for over a decade, this restaurant is aptly named after a herb prevalent in Thai cooking. Their brand new menu places an emphasis on presentation, while still maintaining the integrity of dishes that made them popular in the first place.

We’re particularly impressed by their sweets, especially the kao niaw mamuang (sweet sticky rice with mango) and the gluay tod (deep fried banana with honey) — all of which are Thai dessert staples. If cocktails are your thing they also have a variety of Thai-inspired drinks, including a lychee and curaçao concoction.

65 London Circuit, Canberra City (also Woden and Tuggeranong) | Monday to Saturday 11am–2.30pm, 5.30–9.30pm | (02) 6247 2779 | lemongrass-thairestaurant.com.au

Zaab Lao-Thai Street Food

Image: www.facebook.com/zaabstreetfood

Image: www.facebook.com/zaabstreetfood

Looking for a fun and food-filled night? This new joint takes the world-renowned street eats of Thailand and places them in a trendy environment which includes late-night DJs and a dance floor to get your groove on. The restaurant takes the delicious flavours of traditional Thai dishes and combines them with the flair of modern cuisine.

“Zaab” has two translations, it’s Lao for “delicious food” and Thai for something “extra spicy” and Zaab delivers on both fronts.

Unit 2, 9 Lonsdale Street, Braddon | Every day 5pm–12.30am | (02) 6156 5638 | zaabstreetfood.com.au

Two Sisters Lao-Thai Cuisine

Image: facebook.com/pages/Two-Sisters-LaoThai-Restaurant

Image: facebook.com/pages/Two-Sisters-LaoThai-Restaurant

With an authentic take on Lao and Thai cuisine, this homey spot is great for anyone who wants to take their taste buds on an adventure to Thailand.

Known for their cheap weekday lunch special, Two Sisters serve an assortment of curry, rice and noodle dishes for under $10. We’re big fans of the mild massaman curry which comes with stewed potatoes and peanuts.

111 London Circuit, Canberra City | Every day 5pm–10pm, Monday to Saturday 11am–2:30pm | (02) 6262 7594 | twosisterscivic.com.au



Image: Martin Ollman

The competition to snag a table at this buzzing Mod-Asian gem is the only negative thing to be said about Morks. It delivers stunningly inventive and consistent excellent flavours that takes Thai food to new heights.

Try the soft-shell crab roti in yellow curry with house pickles, the pork belly, caramelised soy and young mango, or the green curry with prawns and native Australian succulents. Desserts include a moreish egg in hay concoction or condensed milk, pashmak, coconut ice-cream and a cone made out of crisp roti.

Service is excellent and the experience is exciting and adventurous. Suburban Thai this is not.

18-19 Eastlake Parade, Kingston Foreshore |Open 12pm until late Tuesday to Saturday, Sunday lunch only | (02) 6295 0112 | morks.com.au


Tessa Domzalski

Tessa Domzalski has an insatiable appetite for food, culture, and thrills. She was born in Switzerland, raised in Hawaii and educated in the heart of Thailand. A lover of all things avocado, you’ll be able to find Tessa in any hip coffee spot that serves interesting dishes with the green superfruit. A student, an avid Instagram-er and a Youtuber, Tessa is always on the hunt for a new adventure. More about the Author

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