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Top of the Chocs

Michelle Brotohusodo

CBR’s best chocolate destinations

Easter is in just a few days’ time, and whether you celebrate it or not, one thing is certain—Easter in Australia is invariably associated with chocolate. And a lot of it. To help you satisfy your chocolate cravings, here’s a round-up of where you can get your fix in Canberra.

Koko Black

Whether you feel like eating chocolate truffles, indulging in a hot chocolate, or savouring a chocolate dessert, you’ll be sure to find something to satisfy you on Koko Black’s menu.

I’ve sampled their delights in both winter and summer, and it’s delicious no matter the season!

koko black

The essentials

What: Koko Black
Where: Canberra Centre, Bunda Street
When: Monday to Thursday 8.30am–10pm, Friday 8.30am–11pm, Saturday 10am–11pm, Sunday 10am–6pm
Call: 02 6230 4040

San Churro

I described my first visit to San Churro Woden like going to chocolate heaven. I stand by that description. From rich chocolate drinks and chocolate to dip your churros in, to chocolate ice cream, cakes, and more, San Churro has your chocolate needs sorted.


The essentials

What: Chocolateria San Churro
Where: 8 Bradley Street, Westfield Woden
When: Mon-Thurs 8am-10pm, Friday 8am-midnight, Saturday 10am-midnight, Sunday 10am-10pm
Call: 1300 797 620

Robyn Rowe Chocolates

If you don’t mind venturing a bit out of town, Robyn Rowe’s Chocolate d’Or is well worth a visit. Not only for Robyn’s delicious, handmade truffles, but for a bowl—that’s right, a BOWL—of hot chocolate. Or a chocolate assiette, which comes with a chocolate spoon!

robyn rowe

The essentials

What: Robyn Rowe’s Chocolate d’Or
Where: 1153 Nanima Road, Murrumbateman
When: Open Thursday-Monday 10am-5pm
Call: 02 6227 5827

Lindsay and Edmunds

Lindsay and Edmunds prides itself on being certified organic and certified Fairtrade, which means you can eat their chocolate guilt-free! Their offerings range from individual chocolate truffles to slabs with flavours like honey almond praline and caramelised chilli and macadamia, as well as pieces of slab by weight. And if just eating their chocolate isn’t enough for you, Lindsay and Edmunds also runs chocolate-making courses.


The essentials

The place: Lindsay and Edmunds
Where: 20 Amberley Avenue, Fairbairn
When: Monday-Friday 8.30am-3.30pm
Call: 02 6230 0166

Oliver Brown

New on the Canberra chocolate scene, Oliver Brown has opened stores in Civic and Dickson. I have to admit, I’ve only been once so far, to the Civic store, because my friend in Sydney swears that their churros are amazing and has been insisting that I try them. They’re baked, not fried, so a little different to other places. There were other desserts on the menu, as well as a range of different chocolate drinks and chocolate truffles.


The essentials

What: Oliver Brown
Where: Bunda St, Civic or 28 Challis St, Dickson
When: Monday-Friday 7.30am-midnight, Sat-Sun 8am-midnight

Bruno’s Truffels

Bruno’s Truffels is a stalwart of the Canberra chocolate scene, making delicious chocolates and cakes for more than 30 years. You may have to make multiple trips, as their range is huge, and tempting as it may be, you probably shouldn’t buy one of everything all at once!


The essentials

What: Bruno’s Truffels
Where: 2/106 Mawson Place, Mawson

When: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 7.30am-4pm
Call: 02 6286 6377

Ricardo’s Cafe and Patisserie

They’re well known for their dizzying array of sweet treats (many gluten free), and at Easter time, Ricardo’s really turns it on. From their amazing ‘Golden Egg’ – a Cherry Ripe chocolate egg filled with caramelised white chocolate, hazelnut and salted caramel, to their Violet Crumble Cronuts, this is a place for the serious chocoholic.


The essentials

What: Ricardo’s Cafe and Patisserie
Where: Jamison Plaza, Jamison
When: 7.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday; 7.30am-4pm Saturday and Sunday
Phone: 02 6251 2666

Max Brenner

The ‘Bald Man’ has made his mark in Canberra. with three outlets across the city (Westfield Belconnen, New Acton and Kingston Foreshore), and Max Brenner is certainly a popular destination. It’s all a whole lot of fun – from Chocolate Fondue for Two (pure melted milk and dark chocolate served with strawberries, bananas, marshmallows and banana bread), to Chocolate Mess to Share – decadent chocolate sponge drenched in chocolate syrup topped with ice cream, whipped cream and sprinkles to be shared straight from the tin, to the playful Exploding Chocolate Shot – pure melted chocolate shot topped with popping candies and white chocolate.


What: Max Brenner
Where: Belconnen Westfield, New Acton, Kingston Foreshore
When: Visit the website for opening hours

And then there’s…

Little Monster

Little Monster chocolates are handmade in Canberra, and while they don’t have a shop, you can find them in plenty of other places including 332 Manhattan, some IGAs, Harry Hartog Woden, and TwentyOne Café and Groceries. They have a great range of flavours, so it’s worth tracking some down. For more stockists, visit their Facebook page or email them at [email protected]

little monster 2

Patisserie Valerie

Like Little Monster, Patisserie Valerie doesn’t have a shop, but you can find her at the Capital Region Farmers’ Market and the Old Bus Depot Markets. Valerie’s truffles are not only pretty, but delicious, and come in a range of creative flavours. She also has some pretty amazing Easter eggs! Find out more on her Facebook page.



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Michelle Brotohusodo

Michelle moved to Canberra vowing to stay for two years, tops. More than 10 years later, she’s a bona fide Canberra convert. When she’s not working in her day job as a public servant, she’s enjoying Canberra’s culinary delights or finding fun things to do/see in and around town. More about the Author

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