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10 things that happen you hang out with a local in Canberra 

Bethany Larsen

The other night I went out in Civic with a good friend of mine who’s a local, which means she pretty much knows every single person who lives here, including Malcolm and his son.

Here are some of the things I’ve noticed that happen when you hang out with a local in Canberra.

Cheap drinks

Every local Canberran knows at least one club/bar owner or bartender somewhere in the city who will give you cheap (or if you’re lucky, free) drinks. Always make sure you have a local in your group when you head out here – you will save a lot of money.

You can’t walk between two nightclubs without them stopping to say hi to someone

I once walked from Hopscotch to Shorty’s with my friend and we literally stopped five times because she saw that many people she had to stop and chat to.

Ex flings

In a small city like Canberra there is no avoiding your ex. This is especially frustrating if they live in the same area as you. For example, if you both live in Crace, you know you’re going to see them at the District or Supabarn at least once a fortnight. Unfortunately, this means you get to stay well-informed on their current dating status. #awkward.

Bethany nad her Canberran friends

Bethany and her Canberran friends

They actually know the Prime Minister

Well, not technically, but every Canberran knows someone who knows the Prime Minister. Surely at least one of their uncles work in the public service. So what does that make it…two degrees of separation?

You’ll both be on the dance floor only to realise it’s their cousin

If you’re a local, there’s a good chance that you also have a lot of relatives here. It’s therefore very likely that you’ll go out one night trying to pick up a hottie and end up getting caught red-handed by your cousin in the same club!

Seeing their old school PE teacher out

This then becomes really awkward because you’re looking at them thinking they’re really attractive and your friend is still referring to them as ‘Mr. Jones’.

They take you through the back streets

Normally these don’t turn out to actually save you time, but they take you the nifty way anyway, just because they can. #insidersecrets

They’ve got cheap Tuesday sussed out to a tee

In fact, they’ve even got cheap Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday sussed out too. If you tell them you’re going to the Raiders Club on a Monday for dinner, they’ll tell you you’re better off going to Sky Zone for half price trampolining that night and saving Raiders for Wednesday schnitty night.

Feature image by Martin Ollman


Bethany Larsen

Beth is a Gold Coast girl who's basically gone on a tour of all Australia to pursue her dream of radio. To outback Port Augusta at just 19, up to the tropics in Townsville a couple of years later and now to the beautiful, (but freezing) Canberra she's lived in a few places for a 22-year-old. You'll hear her weekdays on Hit 104.7 between 12-4pm. She wears her heart on her sleeve when it comes to her job and feels so blessed to work in an industry which celebrates her quirks! Feel free to drop her a line and follow her on her socials, oh and if you do run into her sometime in Braddon, she's a red wine girl ;) More about the Author

  • Amy

    This article is beyond pointless. I demand my 30 seconds back I spent reading it.
    Somewhere in Malawi the child who will grow to cure cancer is dying of malnutrition. But Bethany wants to pursue a career in radio.