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Fiona Dolan

This is, well, let’s call it a HerCanberra classic – we actually published it last Valentine’s Day, but it’s just as good a year on. For your reading pleasure, may we present Fiona Dolan’s 10 things I love and hate about Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not one of those tea/coffee or sausage roll/party pie crowd splitters. People have very mixed feelings on the issue and it doesn’t just come down to whether you’re single or not.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with V-day and I’m still not exactly sure which side of the fence I’m sitting on…

Things I love

I get to wear a cheesy, romantic type outfit without getting judged. I can wear red or pink or floral and no-one cares… and I can even top it off with flowers in my hair and bows on my shoes. YES!

It’s an excuse to drink champagne. And any excuse to drink champagne is a good thing in my book.

The lovely friend-of-a-friend stories you hear of someone finally getting up the courage to declare their love for their colleague/school friend/the person who sells you coffee. Nawww.

It’s a way to share the love with your friends. One year a good friend of mine sent me a Valentine through the post. She sent it as a “secret admirer” but of course I recognised her handwriting. It was a really cute gesture and I loved it!

Having an opportunity to tell (or show) your significant other how happy they make you. Sure, we could do this any day, but it’s good to have an excuse to get creative with it… and I mean really, when else can you get away with making heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast? They’re not an every day food.

Things I hate

Being given a teddy bear. Seriously? Ugh, please don’t.

That it’s practically impossible to get into a restaurant…and if you actually can reserve a table, then everything has been marked up 25%.  Same goes for the cost of flowers.

The weird competition that goes on in the workplace- who has had flowers delivered? And whose delivered flowers are the biggest/nicest? It’s the kind of competition where nobody wins.

The extreme PDA you witness in the street. Tonsil hockey a-go-go! Ew.

It’s an excuse to eat chocolate.  My thighs definitely don’t need to develop a closer relationship!

What about you- do you love it or hate it? Here’s a chance to get it off your chest…

  • Things I love:
    No matter weather I’m single or partnered I always get a valentine’s message from my Mum – i.e. the person who loves me most!

    That it is a reminder to say “I love you” to the important people in life.

    It is an opportunity to buy new underwear 😉

    Things I hate:
    The pressure – the idea that it has to be perfect.

    The expectation, will you do something, won’t you etc.

    Stupidly marked up prices – wait till next week and give me flowers at a decent price my love!

    • Wow, I live in greenway and I could have written this – freaky! First text message today was from my Mum – Happy Valentines Day from the people who loved you first.

      Oh and yes, the Dita Von Tease for target underwear line came out with perfect timing!

      However I get passed the expectation just be discussing what we are doing. Tonight it is a simple dinner at home – no marked up prices for us!

      • Amanda

        Hi Lisa…that’s because you DID write it (a year ago today, officially making you one of the longest serving HerCanberrans!) I reposted it, and kept the old comments…sorry to freak you out! Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂 xx

        • Fiona

          One year on, and the only thing that’s changed is I wasn’t able to wear a ridiculous V-Day outfit today, as we’re headed out on site today and have to wear jeans and enclosed shoes!

  • Jule

    I don’t hate it but we don’t do anything for it. And every year I’m just a tinsy bit disappointed that I didn’t get flowers at work, chocolates or a card. Even though I said I didn’t want them or get anything for him. I’m fun to live with 😉

  • Pork

    I hate hallmark holidays but I love having someone to tell that I don’t need a special day to declare my live for her – that is an everyday thing.

  • Fiona

    Thanks Pork, you’re lucky to have her!

    Greenwaygal- I got around the expectations by laying it out the week before and saying I wanted to celebrate V Day even though it IS a lame Hallmark holiday. Honesty so often is the best policy!

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