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$30 of awesomness

Belinda Neame

Anyone that has children will understand how expensive weekends can become when your kids love activities.

As my children hit pre-teen and teenage years it’s become even more challenging because hanging out with Mum and going to ‘little kids’ activities is no longer cool. Hence my excitement when Westfield Belconnen sent a handful of Westfield Entertainment Cards my way—finally an option that was perfect for my 12 and 15-year-old and their friends.

To our delight, the pass included the following:

  • 1 x Hoyts 2D standard movie ticket
  • 1 x Sky Zone jump pass with socks
  • 1 x iPlay game of laser tag and 1 x iPlay game of dodgem cars

Having a three-year age gap between my kids can sometimes prove a bit tricky when it comes to choosing a movie that they BOTH want to see. This wasn’t an issue with the card, the kids were both able to choose a movie each and book in to see any 2D session at Hoyts.

So while one was at the movies, the other was bouncing on trampolines at Sky Zone and driving dodgem cars at iPlay!


The pass kept the kids occupied for a good four hours and they had an absolute blast. My 15-year-old, Fletcher, loved the fact that it was more fun than only a film.

“It was so good. Having three in one meant I got to do so much; usually it’s just a movie and that’s it.”

I knew Tilly, who is 12, would be most excited about the active component of the pass and—as suspected—had an awesome time on the trampolines.

“Mum you know I kind of like going to the movies but the best part of that gift card was being able to jump around for an hour!”

After picking the kids up and hearing what a great time they had, it crossed my mind that this gift card isn’t just great for weekends. It would make a fabulous gift for their friends or a great party idea.

It’s also worth noting that you can stretch the longevity of the gift card out by using one component at a time – so a movie one week and Sky Zone the next.


The best bit for me as a parent, however, was the value of the card. If you were to purchase all three activities separately, you would be looking at $54 but Westfield Belconnen are retailing them for $30*.

That’s 4+ hours of fun for only $30* per child (and that keeps kids AND parents happy!)

Find out more about Westfield’s Entertainment Cards here.

*Plus $2.95 issuing fee.

The author received her Westfield Entertainment Cards free of charge for review purposes, however, her opinions remain her own. This article complies with the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission’s guidelines on Online Reviews. 


Belinda Neame

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