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ActewAGL: It’s all about you

Jessica Schumann

More and more we’re seeing big brands putting their customers at the centre of research and development, asking customers what they really want. The traditional ways of market research are changing as we see the balance of a product-driven market shift towards one that is driven by you, the consumer.

The days of looking inwards to a few ‘exclusive’ entrepreneurial individuals is fast becoming replaced by the recognition that you, as the customers, are the ones with the ideas and therefore, are also the ones who should be making the decisions.

Organisations like Samsung, Dreamworks and LinkedIn have paved the way over the years turning to their customers for input about what consumers actually want as opposed to what brands think they need. (You need only look to Samsung’s Connective Hub launched in 2010 to see what we mean.)

And ActewAGL are striving to do the same—putting customers at the beginning, middle and end of everything they do—be it advertising campaigns, new product development or even customer service programs. After all, for something to be ultimately better, shouldn’t you, as the consumer, be actively involved in the process?

ActewAGL think so and in response have generated an online space, the ActewAGL Power Panel, which allows you to help shape everything they do while being rewarded for it.

They know the importance of listening to customers and want to change the way you interact with the brand and how they interact with you. But most importantly they want you to know that your opinion is valued.

The Power Panel offers this and is also a great way to be exposed to things that you might not otherwise do in your usual line of work, while giving you the opportunity to have your say and share your ideas openly and honestly.

But rather than reward you with discounts that you can only use within ActewAGL, you’ll be rewarded with WISH eGift Cards that you can use at stores such as Masters, Woolworths, Big W, Dan Murphy’s and even Caltex — just for taking the time to provide feedback and your thoughts on ActewAGL’s services and campaigns.

The length and complexity of the survey will determine the value of the reward starting from $5. But you don’t have to use the reward right away. Instead you can accrue points to cash in for a greater value at a later date so if you’ve got your eye on a certain something there’s no need to dig into savings, just wait for your rewards to accrue and cash in when you’re ready.

So really the question you need to ask yourself is are you ready to share your thoughts and be listened to? To sign up to the Power Panel, go to actewagl.com.au.


Jessica Schumann

A 'rambling ranga' at heart, Jessica Schumann is a bubbly, creative social thinker who thrives on words, social media and an innate knack for sharing stories. When she finds the time to write, Jessica seeks out the beauty in change and the essence of human condition. Varied and diverse in nature, her writing delves into the enviable world of people, travel, food and culture. When you can't find her in a nook writing, just follow your nose and you’ll soon find Jessica indulging in her other passion – cooking – or curled up on the couch with a good book in hand. You can find her over at ramblingranga.com.au. More about the Author