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Book to The Future

Rebecca Worth

Visit worlds beyond your wildest dreams with this handpicked list of futuristic fiction.


Kim Stanley Robinson


2140 NYC—the city is submerged by rising sea levels. This book follows the lives of the occupants of a single apartment—a market trader, a detective, an internet celebrity, a lawyer, the building manager, two boys with nowhere else to go, and the temporary residents on the roof—the coders.

In a gripping, multilayered novel, the disappearance of the coders creates drastic consequences for all the occupants as all their futures become threatened.


Margaret Atwood



Atwood’s modern classic invites 
us to imagine a dystopian future 
in order to reflect on our present.
 It is the story of Offred, a woman forced to bear children for an elite couple unable to conceive in a violent world in which women are prohibited from reading, working or owning property. As we recognise parallels with our own world, this challenging tale reminds us of our privilege and encourages us to fight for a fairer future.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


Poignant, witty and deeply insightful, Dear Ijeawele is
written in the form of a letter to Ngozi Adichie’s dear childhood friend Ijeawele, in response to 
her request for advice to raise a feminist daughter. Adichie gives 15 suggestions to her friend, ranging from warning her against ‘Feminism Lite,’ to debunking traditional gender roles. Don’t be deceived by the slimness of this book; it is replete with intimate, honest and astute insights.


David Mitchell



Through six intertwining 
stories spanning the colonial past to the post-apocalyptic future, this exquisite novel explores humanity’s desire for power and its far-reaching consequences. Each story captures the essence of a new style, and the beauty of this piece is not only its lyricism, but Mitchell’s ability to tie each story together.


Henk Von Rensbergen

abandoned places

From burnt libraries in Italy to a forgotten love-themed hotel in Japan, Henk’s photographs take us across the world to the places that have been long-abandoned. Insightful and melancholic, these places are not dominated by despair, rather they are an archive compiled in the search for beauty in desolation, and the curiosity for their literally crumbling future. This pocket-sized photo book is beautifully presented, and perfect for urban explorers.

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