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You can adopt a doggo for just $29 this weekend

Beatrice Smith

This weekend, RSPCA ACT is ‘clearing the shelter’. 

This means that all animals currently housed at the RSPCA ACT’s Weston shelter, as well as animals at select Pet Barns in Canberra, will have their adoption fees reduced to $29.

Yes, that’s right. A new fluffy companion or furry friend for less than the price of dinner.

How purrrrfect is Shrek?

That being said, this isn’t the time to buy a pet just because they’re cheap. Sadly, some of the animals that end up in the RSPCA’s care were once spontaneous presents themselves, purchased on a whim as gifts that didn’t go as planned.

Good boy Schnitzel (yes, that’s his name)

However, if you’ve been thinking about adopting a pet, this weekend is the pawfect excuse to have a conversation with your friends, family or landlord.

Clear The Shelters is part of a coordinated effort from RSPCAs across Australia to make room in their shelters, encourage people to adopt, not shop and be as accessible as possible to all members of the community.

You can find all of the RSPCA ACT’s available adoptees by clicking here.

Adorably pawfect Nemo

the essentials 

What: ‘Clear the Shelter’ $29 Adoption
When: Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th February 2018
Where: RSPCA Shelters including selected Pet Barns.
View all available animals at www.adoptapet.com.au


Beatrice Smith

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  • Zara Lewis

    Amazing <3
    I adopted my Joey 3 years ago and from the day he came in our lives, so many things changed! My son learns a lot about responsibility, healthy habits and most importantly, he never feels lonely. We were sceptical about adoption at the beginning, but as soon as we visited shelter, we knew those animals were able to share love as much as any other 'non abandoned' animal, and probably even more 🙂 Soon he found his favorite corner in our house, we provided him with cozy bed, got familiar with his habits and needs, and feed him only high quality Ivorycoat dog food. We enjoyed every single moment of getting to know him and we’ve got so much in return! I believe that once we adopted, we are never gonna buy pet again <3

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