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Canberra winter life hacks

Ashleigh Went

When you wake up and the mercury has dipped well below zero, you’d be forgiven for diving headfirst into hibernation mode.

Sometimes there’s just no better way to appreciate a Canberra winter than from the comfort of your own home, snuggled on the couch with a tea (or a gin) in hand.

Here are some of our favourite delivery and subscription services, for when you just can’t brave the cold.


In the colder months (which, let’s face it, is nearly half of the year) we go through pantyhose almost as fast as we go through blocks of Aldi’s La Pave cheese (read: very fast).

Stockings are the solution to the problem that we’re faced with every winter: how to survive the season without having to splurge on an entirely new wardrobe (or *ahem* shave your legs). The only problem is that all it takes is a compromised manicure and you’re left with ladders aplenty.

Pretty Pins have you covered (literally) with their stocking subscription service. Leg it to their website and sign up for two pairs of stockings per month for a very pretty $22, delivered right to your door. Prefer a one-off buy? They offer single pairs online for $12 – or check them out in the flesh at Sisa Sorella in Deakin.


Tag your tea buddy and fight the winter blues together #getwellsoon

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Tea is the answer to so many of our winter woes. Cold? Have a tea. Sad? Brew a cuppa. Craving something sweet? You know what to do.

Canberra’s very own Tea Garden Co have a blend for every kind of tea addict. With flavours like Espresso Mar-Tea-Ni, Lavender Sunset and Pink Lemonade, it’s hard to pick just one – which is why we’re such a fan of their subscription boxes.

For $32.95 a month, receive a box of three beautifully-crafted teas (a black tea, a herbal tea and a green or oolong tea) every four weeks. There’s also a quarterly option or one-off, if commitment isn’t your thing.


Who’s your pizza partner 🍕😍@johombsch #TonightIllBeEating

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You know what would be so wonderful? If there was a service where someone could visit one of Canberra’s many delicious eateries, pick up your food, and bring it to your door.

Oh wait, there is.

Whether you’re looking for something healthy to chow down after your spin class, an indulgence for your date night or something to snack on while you catch up on The Handmaid’s Tale, Deliveroo and Uber Eats have you covered.

Don’t make us choose a favourite. We love them both.


Celebrating this blessed, short working week with CRONUTS! ✌🏼

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Canberra’s digital daring Renee Douros started Sugar Deli after sending her husband out to fetch her treats to cure her pregnancy cravings – but you don’t need a bun in the over to enjoy these confectionary creations.

With everything from humble lamingtons, to cheesecake, to sweet mini cupcakes, there’s an ever-changing menu packed with sugary delights.

It’s also a great way to satisfy a sweet craving without having to bake yourself – and then wrestle with the temptation to eat all the leftovers (or salvage the remaining cake from the bin a la Sex and the City’s Miranda).


Canberra winters often mean scaly skin, cracked lips and lacklustre strands. What better way to treat yourself than with a little beauty TLC?

Of course, there’s always the option of visiting the Mecca Cosmetica or Mecca Maxima stores – but when you can’t be bothered leaving the house (or you’ve visited the store so many times it’s become borderline embarrassing) you can get your fix on their online store.

Need some product tips? We’ve got you covered with suggestions from beauty guru Kristen Kipouropoulos. 


Do not forget their names. #resistsister #handmaidstale

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While we love a good visit to the cinema, both the quality and quantity of content available for a modest monthly fee – or for free – is seriously impressive.

When it comes to streaming we’ve no shortage of recommendations – like everyone else, we’re hooked on Queer Eye and The Handmaid’s Tale (obviously). Check out our round ups if you’re in the mood for a doco, something futuristic, or inspiring. Better yet – have a browse of our suggestions for what to stream this month.



Sure, drinks out at a bar is fun, but you know what’s better?

Sipping a G&T from the cosy comfort of your home – especially when said gin is magically colour changing and crafted by yours truly.

That’s right, we teamed up with The Canberra Distillery and Tea Garden Co to craft a HerCanberra French Earl Grey Gin. Not only does it taste heavenly, but with just a squeeze of lemon or a dash of tonic it changes from lilac to mauve right before your eyes.

You can pre-order your very own bottle and have it shipped right to your door from 25 July.


Ashleigh Went

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