Canberra winter life hacks

Elsie Adamo

It’s winter, and hibernation sometimes seems the best option. The HerCanberra team has rounded up local subscriptions and delivery services to keep you inside and warm all day.




Ever been in the middle of a Netflix binge, started craving a food from a restaurant and then realised in despair that they don’t deliver? Every weekend? Me too. In case you hadn’t heard, Deliveroo AND UberEats are now in the capital, so you can choose from a range of delicious meals delivered straight to your door—anytime of the day or night (well, nearly).

Or you can choose from healthy home-delivered meals, like YouFoodz, Urban Real Food and The Cook’s Grocer. These businesses delivery either heat-and-eat, or ingredients and recipes so you can cook meals yourself.




And just to make sure I never leave the house again? Home. Delivered. Sweets.

Pick any tasty delight from Sugar Deli’s collection with a minimum of four items, add the delivery fee, pick a time of day for the delivery and wait for the sweets to show up on your doorstep. Current offerings include white chocolate jelly bean truffles, paddle pop inspired donuts and cherry ripe slice.

Need any more convincing? Good. For options and to order go to their website.


woman stockings feet_feature

If you’re anything like me, you go through approximately 800 pairs of stockings in the time between April and September. On more than once occasion I have managed to rip stockings just putting them on, and have even tried the supposed old wives trick and left them in the freezer to improve their longevity (this did not work and just made my legs cold).

So, finding out there is an actual subscription service for stockings has basically made my winter. Pretty Pins is a monthly subscription of stockings, founded by locals. You can get up to four pairs in each order, choosing between nude and black and a variety of thicknesses with your preference delivered monthly to your door.

The service starts from two pairs at $22 a month. Head to their website to look at packages and to order.




Ok, this might be stretching the boundaries of your imagination, but hear us out. Having flowers in a room is the easiest way to make it seem like the weather is warmer, let alone making any room smell amazing with minimal effort. The Floral Society is making it easier than ever to make sure your house is always pretty and smelling beautiful.

They offer a floral subscription service with delivery frequency anywhere from weekly to fortnightly to monthly. The flower choices are seasonal – the perfect way to freshen up your house in winter. For availability and to purchase head to their website.


Elsie Adamo

Elsie originally hails from South Australia but after almost five years in the Capital likes to consider herself now as a local. A student at ANU she keeps herself busy on campus with student societies and now interning at HerCanberra. Her great loves include sitcoms, podcasts, bookstores, cider, brunch and online shopping. More about the Author

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