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Canberra’s best pram and dog friendly walks: Kambah capers

Georgia Morris

This pram friendly and dog friendly walk has it all: paved the whole way, huge off leash spaces, a super family-run café, plus stunning mountain views. Ready to try it?

Our pram friendly walking route makes the most of Kambah’s generous, open off-leash spaces and extensive network of footpaths. It’s an easy, pleasant walk whether you are pushing a pram or free to wander ‘off track’. And it only crosses one road – amazing!

Dogs love the variety of off-leash spaces, from huge irrigated playing fields to a mini bush park.

For us humans, the mountain and hill views are reminiscent of an Elioth Gruner landscape painting. Gruner painted many of his most loved landscapes while travelling in the Canberra district in the 1920s and 30s. Why pay hundreds of thousands for a Gruner when you can see his real-life inspiration for free in Kambah? There’s hardly any point on the walk where your eyes aren’t drinking in the blue haze of the Brindabella’s or the crisp foreground detail of Mount Taylor and the Urambi Hills.

The walk follows a circular route of approximately 5 km which will take up to 90 minutes to complete with a pram, including some dawdling time. It starts and ends behind the Kambah shops where there’s plenty of free parking, a supermarket, a pharmacy, and a nearby public toilet block.

The first part of the walk follows a footpath through the enormous Kambah District Playing Field (number 3). All unfenced ovals in Canberra are now off leash spaces when they’re not being used for formal sports, so if you’re walking with dogs the first off leash opportunity potentially starts straight away.

The route then follows another footpath meandering through a wide informal park – also off-leash – uphill towards Mount Taylor. This section is the only uphill stretch but not too taxing even if pushing a pram.

Within 20 minutes of starting, walkers should arrive at the ‘pinnacle’ of the route, a little bush park with mountain views in every direction. From this point, you can spy glimpses of Lake Tuggeranong and the Hyperdome’s red-tiled roof. Your dogs will love snuffling through the native grasses which always seem to have particularly fascinating smells for our whippets.

The footpath then heads downhill, passing the tempting dog-friendly / family friendly café – Biginelli’s on Mannheim Street – which offers good coffee, breakfast/lunch options and home-made cakes. You might like to pause here to refuel or, if you prefer an end-of-walk reward, you could start and end your walk at the café instead.

For the next 10 minutes or so past the café, our route meanders downhill through another large informal park – this one is on leash. But it’s very pleasant strolling here – you’ll enjoy the mixed scents of thriving mature eucalyptus and casuarinas. However, if you have young children in tow, be warned: you’ll encounter a very enticing playground which may prove difficult to pass by without a short (or long) visit.

The next adventure is crossing Canberra’s very own golden gate bridge. Yes, we have our own mini pedestrian version spanning Drakeford Drive and painted a golden-yellow. It’s pretty cool to cross over with the Urambi Hills up ahead, the traffic far below, and a super easy ramp to negotiate on the other side.

The remainder of the walk is off-leash most of the way, following a flat route through more Kambah District Playing Fields (numbers 1 and 2) ringed by mature trees with beautiful autumn colour, and a section in between following the course of the nearly always bone-dry Village Creek.

You might like to take a little detour here to check out the old Kambah Homestead woolshed where you can imagine rural life a 100 years ago in this picturesque wide valley between the hills. Importantly, as well as sheltered picnic tables, there are public toilets and bins.

Once back at the Kambah shops, you’ll only have the difficult decision about whether to head home, or swing by Biginelli’s for another piece of cake. 

Detailed directions and google maps for this and other pram friendly walks are available at Canberra Dog Walks.

All our pram friendly walks feature:

  • Paved routes all the way
  • Access to off-leash areas for your dog to have a run and play
  • Pram friendly and dog-friendly cafés
  • Playgrounds along the way in case you have older kids in tow
  • Pretty parks and streetscapes
  • Easy access to toilets and bins

All information is free and inspired by a love of Canberra, walking and dogs. A big thanks to the pram walking mums featured in these photos who freely and generously volunteered their time to help illustrate these great walks.


Georgia Morris

Canberra Dog Walks creator, Georgia, has lived in Canberra for nearly 50 years – since she was only one! Somehow, although there’s been lots of Australian and international travel, she’s never managed to move away. Georgia now shares her extensive insider's knowledge and love of Canberra and dogs with others through http://www.canberradogwalks.com.au, and on Facebook @canberradogwalks. Although targeting dog owners, she hopes her free information inspires everyone to get out and explore new areas of our beautiful city. More about the Author

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