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Can’t be bothered? We’re writing a book on it

Emma Grey

I meant to do that this year… I wish I had, while I could… Why can’t I just get going with it…

When Audrey Thomas and I realised we wanted to write a sequel to I Don’t Have Time, the next piece of the puzzle seemed pretty logical. We knew from the concepts we covered in our first book that having enough time really isn’t the problem. We do have time, but we don’t always use it to our best advantage, for myriad reasons, often to do with fear (of failure or success) or through ‘deer in headlights’ inaction from having taken on too much.

But what happens when we’re well placed to throw ourselves into our work, or into something special — a new project, a health goal, a new career or a hobby or even that novel we’ve been itching to write for years … and we’re still not getting on with it? What then?

Life isn’t as neat and tidy as we’d like, even when we’re travelling pretty well. Things get derailed. We get derailed. Social media is tempting. There’s always tomorrow, or next week … or next year.

We start with great intentions and then we’re thrown off. We make mistakes. We’re impatient, or lethargic, or we have false starts. It’s hard to focus or rouse the energy we need to follow through on what we began, particularly when something goes wrong, and we wish we had everything just a little bit better together! 

Finding out ‘it’s not just me!’ can be liberating.

In fact, it’s crucial to our success. When people achieve significant things, it’s not that they’re blessed with superhuman productivity—it’s that they know how to handle the inevitable knocks and disappointments.

It’s about staying the distance, despite our doubts, and learning to stop hauling ourselves into the imaginary principal’s office every time we mess up, and becoming gentle with ourselves, instead.

One of the most freeing lessons we’ve learned is that it really is okay to slip up. It’s not the fall that counts, but the way we rise from it, and what we do next that really matters …

So *big drumroll* … we’re calling our sequel, I Can’t Be Bothered

It’s for people with good intentions but AWOL motivation, who don’t necessarily want another book telling them to do more or be more or reach higher or further just for the sake of endless progress and self-development.

Our aim as authors is to stay refreshing and honest and real, and to take into account just how complicated the reality of our lives can be, when we’re trying to get things done.

We’ll share some of the content from this book and from I Don’t Have Time in our upcoming Canberra workshop this Saturday 7 October, and we’d LOVE to see you there.

What can you learn?

  • Figure out what would really float your boat, and what really isn’t working in your life
  • Work out what you can let go to create the space you need to do more of what lights you up
  • Identify causes of high and low energy/motivation in key areas of your life
  • ‘Declutter’ your mind and your schedule to open up a larger or more fulfilling life
  • Identify various ways to self-rescue when you’re stuck in a rut, and create a tailored list of potential solutions with which to experiment
  • Develop greater awareness of the thought processes that hold you back, time after time, what this costs you and how things might be different with just some minor tweaks to your thinking
  • Learn about an actionable, motivating and achievable way of creating goals and maintaining positive momentum
  • Feel empowered to move through tasks more quickly
  • Create a tailored action plan unlike anyone else’s in the room, designed to help you achieve what you want, around all the challenges or obstacles that are particular to you.

the essentials

When: Saturday 7 October, 12.30pm – 5pm (followed by drinks)
Where: Vibe Hotel, Airport
How much: $247 per person – or for HerCanberra readers, bring a friend for an extra $147 (save $100)
Tickets available here.


Emma Grey

Emma Grey is the Canberra-based author of ‘Wits’ End Before Breakfast! Confessions of a Working Mum’ and ‘Unrequited: Girl Meets Boy Band’. She’s director of the life-balance consultancy, WorkLifeBliss and co-founder of a fresh approach to time-management, My 15 Minutes. She lives just over the ACT border with her two teen daughters and young son. More about the Author

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