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Five cheap and cheerful Christmas craft activities

Shari Ujdur

School holidays are here and children are asking ‘What can I do?’

To fill the gaps before Christmas when you’re busy organising lists and checking them twice, I’ve put together five cheap and cheerful craft activities that don’t require you to run down to the store and spend $100 on craft supplies.

Heck, in researching for this article, I asked the question ‘can I find all of these supplies in my home right now?’ as one of the main benchmarks for a craft activity to be included in this post!


Pinterest is littered with awesome Christmas wreaths – but you might need to sell your first born on eBay to purchase all the bits and pieces from the craft store (and in all honesty, you could probably buy one for cheaper).

This is such a simple and clever little tutorial from ‘Our small-town Idaho life‘, perfect for younger kids.

Christmas Wreath by Our small-town Idaho life

If you have:

  • A 22cm x 55cm sheet of green paper
  • Another coloured piece of paper (for the bows, berries etc.)
  • A stapler
  • Scissors
  • A pen or pencil and some glue

Then you can make yourself a Christmas wreath.

Read the tutorial here.


Baking is a great activity to do with your little ones during the Christmas holidays. But if you think that it’s all too stressful, what about letting them play with the cupcake liners to create this cupcake liner Christmas tree by ‘Tatertots and Jello’?

Image from Tatertots and Jello

Image from Tatertots and Jello

If you have:

  • A piece of cardboard
  • Cupcake patties
  • Scissors and tape

Then you can make yourself a cupcake liner Christmas tree.

Read the tutorial here.


Do you have older children? I think that these woven stars are not only beautiful, but they would keep an older child entertained for the best part of an hour.

House Revivals’ uses vintage book pages, but I think that they would be just as pretty with plain white, gold or green cardboard {and you wouldn’t have to worry about folding the paper to make it thick enough to hold its shape}:

Woven star by House Revivals

If you have:

  • Thick paper or cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper clips or pegs

You can make yourself a woven star.

Read the tutorial here.


Now, I must admit that I spent a bit of time searching craft activities on Pinterest and sock snowmen seem pretty popular (maybe because they are super cute).

Even though ‘Ciao Mama’ will let you know what you need to pick up from Target – I’m pretty sure that most of us have these items just lying around at home.

Sock Snowmen by Ciao Mama

If you have:

  • A pair of white calf-length socks
  • A pair of patterned socks (actually you don’t even need the pair – get rid of your odd socks on this activity)
  • Rice (or dried beans or dried lentils)
  • Rubber bands
  • Twine
  • Buttons and/or felt (for the eyes/nose – but I think you could even draw them on)

Then you can make yourself a sock snowman.

Read the tutorial here.


And how could I put together a post on cheap and cheerful Christmas craft without including something made from toilet paper rolls?

Toilet paper roll craft seems to be ‘Krokotak’s thing. Once you’ve check out her website, you’ll never throw another toilet paper roll away:

Toilet Paper roll Santas by Krokotak

If you have:

  • A toilet paper roll
  • Red paper
  • Some glue
  • A piece of string (or ribbon)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A black marker

Then you can make a toilet paper roll Santa.

Read the tutorial here.

Enjoy your craft time with your kids, after all, they might be ‘too cool’ to do Christmas craft with you next year!

Slider image of ‘child girl making Christmas trees‘ via Shutterstock


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