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Energy bills: You now have a choice

Jessica Schumann

Most of us like to save money wherever we can. Whether it’s saving a few dollars in a 2-for-1 deal at the supermarket, picking up your favourite shoes on sale or collecting your fuel vouchers on the weekly grocery shop—it’s those savings that make a difference to your bottom line.

But rather than just saving an extra few dollars here and there, how do you save on bigger bills like your electricity or gas?

Come to think of it, when was the last time you actually sat down and had a conversation with people in your home about how much energy you actually use, how much it costs or even where it comes from? If you’re honest, probably never, given that up until recently there’s been limited choice.

But that’s no longer the case.

With 4.3 million customer accounts throughout the country, Origin has recently joined the ACT market to offer you a choice about who provides your energy: be it natural gas, electricity or solar.

But if you’re already wondering if you’ll be receiving late night cold calls to convince you to make the switch, then think again. Origin says they are here to simply give you another option.

“It’s a very personal choice,” says Anne Armansin, Origin’s Energy Expert.

“Usually if consumers are happy they don’t even consider switching [providers]. Sometimes consumers get a bit cross that there is only one company [to choose from]. They would actually enjoy companies competing for their business, so they can compare products and see what they prefer. It’s a bit like having only one type of car on the road.”

But even if you’re happy with your current provider, research shows that energy bills are top of consumers’ minds, with price usually the biggest concern. So while you may not be in the market to make the switch anytime soon, it doesn’t hurt to do a little bit of homework and find out if you really are getting the best deal for you and your family.

“Origin is anAustralian company and has been around for 15 years.I think the biggest difference between us and other providers is that we’ll not only look after your energy at a competitive price, but also help you with energy efficiency advice,” says Anne.

For information about Origin’s latest electricity and natural gas offers visit originenergy.com.au.

Giveaway: Win a home energy audit and $500 voucher

Origin is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a home-energy audit and a voucher for $500 to put towards upgraded energy efficient appliances. To enter simply email your answer to the question below along with your contact details to [email protected] by 5pm Thursday 30 April. The winner will be notified by email.

Question: Which home appliance would you update to be more energy efficient?

Note: the winners details will be shared with Origin. 

Plus there’s a great solar offer for ACT residents – the first 50 people to purchase a Trina solar system with Origin will get $500 off their total system price. Conditions apply. Call Origin for more details 1800 132 461.

This is a sponsored post. Feature image courtesy of Shutterstock.


Jessica Schumann

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