There will be free flu vaccinations for Canberra kids this winter

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Canberra children aged between six months and five years will be eligible for a free influenza vaccination this flu season.

The vaccinations will be available for free from providers, including GPs and ACT Health Early Childhood Immunisation Clinics, from April 2018.

“Offering this free vaccine for children between six months and five years will ensure more people, particularly those at greatest risk, are protected from the flu this winter,” explains Minister for Health and Wellbeing Meegan Fitzharris.

“While we would have preferred to see the Federal Government step up to the plate and put this on the National Immunisation Program, the ACT will take action and join other states, including Victoria, NSW and Queensland, in offering the vaccination for free to young children.

“Last year’s flu season was particularly bad, and unfortunately, children under five years were most affected, with two out of every 100 children aged less than five years notified to ACT Health with influenza infection during 2017.

“We are focusing on children under five as they are at an increased risk of flu-related complications including middle ear infection, pneumonia and seizures. Influenza can also be fatal, even in healthy children.

“A yearly flu vaccine is the best way to reduce the risk of your child getting sick with the flu and spreading it to others. The flu vaccine normally takes up to two weeks to provide full protection.”


It is important for parents to know that if their child is receiving the vaccine for the first time, they will require two doses at least four weeks apart.

Given the flu season usually occurs during winter and spring, parents are urged to get their child vaccinated when the vaccines become available from April prior to the flu season.


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