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Get crafty: DIY Christmas decorations

Ashley St George

If you’ve left it to the last minute to get your home festive and ready for guests, don’t stress!

Here are some simple, crafty ways to deck the halls this holiday season with materials that are low or no cost.

Ribbon Wreath

ribbon wreath

Make your own wreath with ribbons! Simply gather together lots strips of ribbon of varying lengths and widths in colours of your choice.


Tie these in bows around a coathanger bent into a circle, or an embroidery hoop.

6a00d8358081ff69e2016762de8671970b-800wiTo finish off tie a length of fishing line or ribbon onto the top of the hoop so that it can be hung.


Idea, instructions and images from: A Beautiful Mess

Gold bottles


This is a great activity to make use of your empty wine bottles over the festive season! Spray your bottles with gold spray paint so they are coated evenly then allow to dry.


Next spray the bottles with the adhesive spray then, working quickly, sprinkle gold glitter over the bottles. You may need to respray and glitter areas of the bottle to make an even coating.


Try experimenting with the application of glitter by masking out areas of the bottle with tape then applying the adhesive and glitter.


Idea, instructions and images from: Delightful Details

Pom pom garlands


Add some colour to your Christmas gathering!

Thread a needle with your twine. Push the needle through the middle of a pom pom and move the pom pom down the twine.

Mini Pom Garland Collage1

Repeat until you have the desired amount of pom poms.


Tip – wrap the garland around an empty wrapping paper roll so it doesn’t get tangled when not in use.

Idea, instructions and images from: Heidi and Seek 

Doily Table Runner


Not sure how to spruce up the Christmas table and still have room for the turkey? Start raiding grandma’s cupboards & the charity shops to make this vintage-chic table runner! Start with figuring out your design by laying out the large doilies and filling in the gaps with smaller ones.


Using a needle and thread, sew the doilies together – you’ll only need a couple of stitches to hold them in place!


Idea, instructions and images from: Ashley Ann Photography

Rosemary wreath place cards


Is your Rosemary bush going wild? Give it a trim and make some beautiful and aromatic wreath place names!


Gather some rosemary sprigs together, each measuring at least 20cm in length. Soak them in some water for about 10 minutes to soften them.


Once softened, bend them into a circle and fasten the ends by wrapping some wire around them. You can then tie a ribbon around the fastened ends.


Print out your guest names and cut them into strips, then gently tuck them into the leaves of a mini wreath.


Idea, instructions and images from: Spoon, Fork, Bacon  


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