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Pussy Hat power comes to Canberra

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Pussy hats have come to Canberra with The Pussy Hat Project Canberra offering them to fundraise for the Domestic Violence Crisis Service (DVCS) ACT.

Pussy hats have rapidly become a symbol for women wanting a world free of intimidation, harassment and violence and were seen in mass rallies around the world from January this year.

Pussy Hat Project Canberra Founder, Stephen Lawton says “Pussy hats are a symbol of power and a uniting force for those who want women and girls to live their lives free of violence”.

On average in Australia, one woman is killed each week by a current or former domestic partner.

Stephen saw an opportunity to raise funds for the DVCS. “Not everyone is lucky enough to have a knitter in the family or know one,” he said. “So I thought I could harness the power of the knitting community to provide pussy hats for everyone.”

The Pussy Hat Project Canberra is offering pussy hats for $15. The hats are handmade by volunteer knitters and crocheters from the Canberra region with purchased and donated wool.

Pussy hats are available for people of all ages and can be ordered in colours other than pink.

Each hat has a fabric label sewn into it with the DVCS crisis line number, web page and the phrase “But she persisted”.

“She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted” was how US Senator Elizabeth Warren was described when she attempted to read a letter from Martin Luther King’s widow. This has rapidly become a catchphrase for women who persevere in public and everyday life in the face of being told not to do something or to be quiet.

“In many situations, women need to persist, to persevere to improve their lives or those they care for. Domestic violence is one of those situations,” explained Stephen.

With the cold weather well and truly upon us pussy hats are ideal for playing sport, walking around the lake or watching your local football games!

“I’d love to see Canberra covered in pussy hats and kept warm and all for a good cause,” Stephen said.

People wanting to obtain a pussy hat or make one can contact the project via their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pssyhatprojectcanberra or email [email protected]


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