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High Society: redefining home

Ashley Feraude

Many of us think of our home as the place that defines where we are right now in our lives.

Yet, I would suggest that where and how we live defines who we are, where we came from, which life stage we’re in and how we are planning for the future.

When I visit people’s homes to write my Home Stories editorial series, I love that a home gives a strong insight into a person’s background, lifestyle, aspirations and style.

While we may not realise it at the time, when we’re choosing a home, much like the clothing we choose to wear each day, we’re actually choosing a place to represent us. So, with this in mind, I got dressed in a tux and met with the team from GEOCON to discover more. Specifically, how the apartments in High Society—the group’s most ambitious project yet—will represent those who decide to purchase a place in Canberra’s tallest development.

“High Society is just as much about raising the height of Canberra living as it is about raising the bar with respect to the level of luxury,” says Melanie Hindson, Marketing Director at GEOCON. “It is the most ambitious development we have set underway in terms of high-end amenities.”

The development elevates every single aspect to ensure that High Society lives up to its name—and not just on the shiny glass outside, but on the inside where it counts most. When the project is complete in 2020, I’ll be able to dust off my tux again and feel right at home.

I imagine walking into the grand lobby, being greeted by a concierge before meeting my friends in the wine cellar to pick the right drop, followed by a screening in the private residents’ cinema. Perhaps we’ll polish off our evening with a dip in the rooftop’s outdoor pool. And if you are concerned about a skinny guy like me trembling in the pool in autumn…don’t worry, it’s heated. I can jump into the sauna too.

“Pardon the pun, but High Society is a cut above in every way—height, views, amenity, quality. It will be luxury apartment living as never before experienced in Canberra,” explains Melanie.

However, luxury doesn’t always mean expensive (and the range of unit prices are a testament to that) but it does mean a higher quality of life, including making sure residents are offered the best chance of getting that balance right.

To this end, High Society offers a gym, yoga and meditation studio, outdoor sky park and observation deck where the public (not just residents) will be able to take in views across Canberra from what will be the tallest towers in the city. All of these amenities foster a vertical community who can interact in a multitude of active and passive ways, whether they’re foodies, wine-lovers, movie buffs, fitness fanatics, meditation gurus or just plain long-distance-pretty-panoramic-view enthusiasts.

And for those like me that find work just as relaxing as relaxing, there is even a dedicated shared workspace. You can take work inspiration from different spaces, whether that is your home office or the spark that happens from networking in with others. And when you’re done with working and want a break, you can even head down to the bike hub to grease up the chain on your fixie or to the car wash to polish up your Sunday drive pride and joy.

Melanie worked out quickly that I was quite keen on this new concept of working spaces, so she added, “Actually, there is one other aspect I didn’t mention that could combine your interest in people and networking—a resident’s dining room. It has a chef’s kitchen and is bookable for functions and parties. In your case you could wear that tux, host a fancy dinner for all your designer friends and combine work with pleasure.”

Out of the 541 apartments, there are, of course, a range of one, two and three bedroom apartments available, with three colour schemes to choose from and floor-to-ceiling glass in every single one of them. So, no matter which lifestyle you lead, you can tailor the living experience to represent you, define who we are and where you’re going.

Prices start from 304,900 for one bedroom apartments, two bedrooms starting from $401,400. Exchange on $1000 with no more to pay until Dec 2018. For more information visit:

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Ashley Feraude

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