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Seven ways to help the YES vote

HerCanberra Team

It’s no secret that here at HerCanberra we’re behind the YES campaign for marriage equality. 

We’re hoping that our readership is too, especially as postal ballots are beginning to appear in Canberra letterboxes.

We’ve certainly seen some wonderful rainbow statements on social media recently – but as we all know from earlier this year (ahem, Trump) we shouldn’t rely on social media to make us feel like the fight is won.

Some have coined the idea of doing lots on social media but not much in real life as ‘slack-tivism’. While we think social media will play a huge and important role in generating a groundswell of support towards marriage equality, here are some ‘real life’ ways you can help get the word out there before the postal ballot closes on Tuesday 7 November.


Usually, we roll our eyes at anything Christmas-themed before late October, but we love the trend of spelling ‘YES‘ with fairy lights! Who doesn’t have a roll of lights packed away in some dusty box? Roll them out and make a statement!

Don’t have lights? Embrace your inner artist and chalk your path or put a sign on your door.


The Equality Campaign (equalitycampaign.org.au) are at the forefront of the YES campaign across Australia and any donations – from pocket change to serious dosh – can make a huge difference in their resourcing.

More money equals more air time on radio, more TV advertising space and more staff putting more hours towards marriage equality.

We tear up every time we watch this ad, aired during last night’s finale of The Bachelor Australia. Especially when you think how ridiculous it is that we accept a reality show that encourages a heterosexual to propose to someone they have had a few short dates with, but need a postal vote to give same-sex couples the right to marry someone they love.

But we digress. Donate now here.


Why not donate your time as well as spend some time calling or door knocking on behalf of the equality campaign?

Send your email to Yes.org here and they’ll send you info through on how you can get started.


Vote YES Australia!

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The Equality Campaign have some wonderful print outs that you can download here (in nine languages, no less) and whack on your letterbox, door, windows or stick on a sign outside your house or business.

Unions ACT also have posters for both home and business that you can pick up for free at Level 1, 11 London Circuit, or order here: www.weareunioncbr.org.au/equality-resources.

The CFMEU also have signs for your yard that you can pick up in Canberra – just message Michael Pettersson MLA via Facebook if you’d like one.

And if you happen to own an air terminal, you can make like the folks at Canberra Airport and go large.


While it’s easy to try and sway those in your social media network, what about those who aren’t online?

Older relatives are a special focus on both sides of the debate as they’re very likely to pay attention to their mailbox but less likely to pay attention to what’s on the internet.

If you have an older relative or friend who you think might be on the fence, why not take five minutes to call them and see if you can win their vote?

Don’t know where you’d even begin? The Equality Campaign have a great set of talking points here, including how to tackle ‘sticky questions’.


This is a frustrating time for all Australians on the side of the YES campaign, but if you’re not LGBTQI identifying yourself, make sure you take extra care of your friends and family who are.

By now you’ve probably seen the vitriol the NO campaign is leveling at LGBTQI people and especially rainbow families. So go the extra mile to make sure your LGBTQI mates are doing ok.

Pedestrian TV has a great article on how to be an excellent ally here and the Canberra LGBTIQ Community Consortium is holding a series of wellbeing drop-in sessions for LGBTQI+ people and their allies. Commencing Tuesday 19 September at the YWCA meeting rooms, find more information by contacting Philippa Moss, AIDS Action Council Executive Director on either 02 6257 2855 or [email protected]


We did your survey now give us some right. #voteyes

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Seems silly, doesn’t it, putting this in here. But you never know, reading an article like this one from Junkee that shows you how to fill out a ballot correctly may just save you from accidentally voiding your vote. Also remember: don’t put glitter or stickers in with your vote! Read why here.

Equally silly would be taking the time to carefully and correctly fill out your ballot and then leaving it in your bag or at home until…oops, it’s 7 November.

Set an alarm on your phone, write reminder post it notes, scribble on your hands in permanent marker – whatever you need to do remember to mail it in!


We support the ‘Yes’ vote with every breath in our bodies, but we understand that not everyone does. If someone wants to vote ‘no’—be respectful. Discuss their reasons why and take the opportunity to express why you disagree. This is about love—let’s not make it about hate and division.


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