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Why I lost my style mojo during pregnancy

Debby Harrington

We all have our style – the clothes we choose to wear that make us feel good and feel like ourselves.

They make us feel confident – like we can take on the day, perhaps even the world.

The power of clothing cannot be underestimated and while I knew this, my realisation has been taken to another level since I’ve been pregnant.

I was lucky enough for the first few months I could still fit into a lot of my clothes and when I had morning sickness and felt terrible, this was a silver lining. My style was intact.

But then comes the bigger belly and your body completely changes. Your hips get wider, you expand out front ways and sideways. It was an adjustment for me and while I was ready for the body transformation, I wasn’t ready for the fashion impact.

Suddenly I’m wearing dresses that have a bit of stretch so they can grow with me. And all I’m wearing are dresses. Pants (which I love) are just uncomfortable and I refuse to go for a pair of maternity jeans with the stretchy waistband.

I’m looking for things in stores trying them on one size up but they make me look like I’m wearing a giant sack. My bust isn’t big enough (yet) to fill the space. Looking in the change room mirror is not a self-esteem booster. I bought several dresses online one size up and returned them all.

And then there are the stripes – so much of what I bought and saw on offer was horizontal stripes and in an array of colours and combinations. For months I have actually looked like a zebra crossing.

I was also budget conscious, bearing in mind that a pram, cot, high chair and an abundance of nappies had to be bought so my money would have to be spent wisely. It’s not all about me anymore!

So where did I shop?

The mainstream stores aren’t very accommodating, smaller boutiques stick to what’ll sell for the majority of women and the options online are again stripes and stretchy blandness, so I say no wonder I lost my sense of style.

H&M was actually a saviour with its $25 stretchy dresses, some looser fitting ones that actually looked alright and a couple of tops. Decjuba do some good t-shirt dresses and their tops flow nicely around a pregnant belly. I found a few other dresses here and there and did eventually succumb to do the maternity shop thing.

I am not a massive fan of fast fashion but this is where I went for clothes that fitted and felt comfortable, despite not being my usual style. After wearing these dresses on rotation for the last six months, I am ready to never see them again.

As I write this I wonder, where did my style self-go? My pickiness to stick to the style that showcases who I am is gone.

When you start thinking about losing those extra kilograms that crept on, the motivation for me is getting back into the clothes that have been hanging in my wardrobe, patiently waiting. Now I’m patiently waiting for those pieces to fit again and cannot wait to get my style mojo back.


Debby Harrington

Debby is a journalist by trade who grew up in Perth before making her way to Canberra. As long as she can remember, her mother has always followed a beauty routine methodically, morning and night, which is where Debby developed her taste for the world of beauty. Debby loves trying new products and can’t live without lip balm, sunscreen and concealer. She also has her own blog featuring all things fashionable and beautiful so check out More about the Author

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