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Let’s start at the very end

Emma Grey

The week that Audrey and I were set to go through the editor’s changes in our book, I Don’t Have Time – 15-minute Ways to Shape a Life You Love, life as I knew it fell apart.

We felt it important to add an ‘epilogue’ in the book, explaining what had happened, and the impact Jeff’s death had had on our central message. This is how we put it:

While we were editing this book, the fabric was ripped from Emma’s universe with the unexpected loss of her husband and soulmate, Jeff, from a heart attack.

When you lose the love of your life, it can bring you to your knees. It can completely destroy you. Or it can bring you to your feet.

When we interviewed Rebecca Sparrow for our ‘15 Minutes That Changed My Life’ speaker series she told us about losing her baby daughter, Georgie. ‘Somehow, Georgie was going to turn the light up in my life, not down,’ Bec had said.

Emerging from the first few weeks of shock and devastation, Emma decided to do one life-affirming thing, no matter how small, every day – beginning with rearranging the flowers people had sent into beautiful bouquets and delivering them to a hospital with her children.

We also thought about the words we’d written in this book. Did this shattering tragedy change anything? Did it alter our perspective on life?

Yes, it did.

Jeff’s loss is turning up the light in our lives, not down. We want to be better people. We want to do more. Experience more. Live more.

We’re more committed than ever to the ideas we’ve presented in this book. We want to procrastinate less, focus more sharply, reach higher and further than we ever have without a backwards glance at our insecurities and fears, because life is short. Life is precious.

The time we have is a gift. Take it and turn up the light.

Next week, I’ll be writing about ‘2016’. As years go, this one seems to have hit people harder than usual and I’m no exception to the apparent trend. But I don’t believe that’s the whole story. There are opportunities to change life for the better, even in the darkest of days.

Can you help?

We want to distribute a bit of good news, so we begged our publisher to release a limited number of FREE advance copies of our book (in PDF format) to people who may like to volunteer to help us spread the word with their friends.

If you’d like to volunteer to read the book now and help us launch it, we’d love to have you on board in our special ‘Book Launch Team’. You’ll receive a free copy of the book and a bundle of other bonuses, and all we’re asking in return is that you will write an honest review, share your favourite concepts and quotes with us and help spread the word on social media, with our guidance, organised in a private Facebook group.


If that sounds like something you’d like to be involved in, please fill out our short application form here. Thank you very much for your ongoing support of everything I’ve been doing over the last few years, particularly this year. It is so dearly appreciated.


Emma Grey

Emma Grey is the Canberra-based author of ‘Wits’ End Before Breakfast! Confessions of a Working Mum’ and ‘Unrequited: Girl Meets Boy Band’. She’s director of the life-balance consultancy, WorkLifeBliss and co-founder of a fresh approach to time-management, My 15 Minutes. She lives just over the ACT border with her two teen daughters and young son. More about the Author

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