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Canberra’s most luxurious vertical community

Ashley Feraude

Forget Capulet or Montague. In Canberra, there has never been a debate fiercer than North vs. South.

But while the debate has raged for decades (or at least since our beloved Lake Burley Griffin was constructed in the early 60s) there has been part of the population who have stayed quiet. Is it because Belconnen has its own lake? Or perhaps because they know something we don’t. After chatting with a few devoted residents, I discovered what it was all about—the pride and identity of a community.

“Belconnen is Canberra’s largest cluster of suburbs and we have everything we need here…you can work, live and play here without needing to go further. It’s something residents love and are proud of,” explained Lisa from Bruce (Bruce being the suburb—not her dad).

This balanced lifestyle was central to GEOCON’s decision to build High Society— their biggest mixed residential and commercial endeavour—in the Republic precinct in the heart of Belconnen. Believing that any community’s strength is based as much on the past as on the future, GEOCON decided to build a development that will stand the test of time.

High Society’s scale, height, distinctive glass frontage and level of luxury will make a huge mark on the Belconnen skyline but also set a new style benchmark for the area. After all, where else can you find a resort-style rooftop pool, private residents’ cinema, sauna, yoga and meditation studio, outdoor sky park, residents’ wine room and Canberra’s highest observation deck—all in one place?

“Belconnen is Canberra’s most popular and vibrant town centre, and the lakeside location is second to none. Being part of the Republic precinct means there will always be activity at the ground plane, and essential services like shopping and transport right at the doorstep,” said Melanie Hindson, Marketing Director of GEOCON.

When High Society reaches completion in 2020, its residents will move into a vertical community set within the horizontal community of Belconnen. Yes, I know that sounds like I’ve taken too many philosophy classes, but let me explain…

If you’re studying, then the University of Canberra will be a short cycle away, Belconnen’s business district just minutes from your door, and if you need a retail fix, Westfield will be within easy reach. If you’re into the great outdoors, you’ll be able to look out of your window, check the weather and jog to Lake Ginninderra in no time.

Now let’s look at the flip side. If you’re studying or you need to work from home, you’ll be able to use High Society’s shared workspace. If you need a retail fix, you can pop down to the retail precinct below. And, if you’re in the mood for looking after your body, you can head down to the gym or meditation centre for some inner peace.

See what I mean? You choose how much of the vertical or horizontal you need.

“Across the 27 floors of residents in High Society’s 541 apartments, we are expecting a mixture of first home owners, downsizers and investors,” explains Melanie. “Since there is no such thing as an average GEOCON property buyer, you will see a real mixture of resident ages, professions and cultures.”

High Society’s mix of people will be a slice of Canberra community and no doubt a group that will quickly adopt a love of Belconnen’s inclusive community and balanced lifestyle.

Intrigued? GEOCON have created an innovative try-before-you-buy experience on their website that allows you to see what your furniture looks like within one of High Society’s apartments. Click here to try it out.

Prices start from $242,900. Exchange on $1000 with no more to pay until December 2018. For more information visit:

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Ashley Feraude

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