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Make your vote count at the ACT Election

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The ACT election on Saturday 15 October is your chance to be heard.

To cast a vote you’ll need to complete a ballot paper. Here’s how to do it right.



Each electorate has its own ballot paper which lists the names of all candidates in that electorate in columns: columns for parties, and for ungrouped candidates.

Candidates’ names are printed in different positions within a column on each ballot paper; this means that no candidate has the advantage of appearing in the top position on every ballot paper.

Distributing how-to-vote cards is banned within 100 metres of polling places, so plan how you want to vote in advance.  


On Election Day, when you’re at the polling place, follow these easy steps to make your vote count.

Line up at the polling place.

This is where you’ll have your name marked off the roll and be given a ballot paper, which you’ll take to a private voting screen.

Fill out the ballot paper using numbers

There are five Members to be elected in your electorate.

Write numbers in the squares on the ballot paper. Don’t use ticks or crosses.

Start at the number one and keep numbering in the order of your choice until you’ve voted for everyone you want to. Fill in at least five squares and don’t use the same number twice.

If you don’t fill in this many squares (even if you vote for only one candidate) your vote will still be counted. If you don’t vote for any candidates, your vote will be informal.

Place your ballot in the ballot box

When you’ve finished, place your completed ballot paper in the sealed ballot box. If you make a mistake on your ballot paper, just return it to a polling official and ask for another.


Electronic voting is also available at some polling places — it’s the same as a written vote, it just uses a computer to complete the process. If you choose to vote electronically, the program will guide you through the voting process.

For more information visit www.elections.act.gov.au or call Elections ACT on (02) 6205 0033.


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