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Marriage Equality at forefront of fourth of July celebrations

Jacinta Thomler

Marriage equality at the forefront of the fourth of July celebrations at the United States embassy in Canberra today.

On Friday last week (26 June), the US Supreme Court ruled that bans on gay marriage are unconstitutional, thus legalising marriage between same-sex couples.


Photography: Scherry Bloul

At a press conference before the official proceeds began, US Ambassador to Australia John Berry –who has been married to his partner Curtis Yee– said it has been a great week for equality in the U.S.

“It was great to wake up Saturday morning to have our marriage legal in all 50 states.”


Photography: Scherry Bloul

Though the United States celebrates their Independence Day on 4 July, the Australian celebrations were held today due to the Ambassador’s commitments and the fact that 4 July is a public holiday for the US.

“Australia has led the world in this issue, I see no impediments in this regards to this issue…it’s a discussion Australia needs to have for itself.”


Photography: Scherry Bloul

The morning pressed on, the jazz band played its sweet tunes and the issue faded into the background as the more formal proceedings took place.

After all, it is the 239th Independence Day…a little early.


Photography: Scherry Bloul

So what is independence day?

Is a public holiday in the US celebrating the adoption of / or the signing of the Declaration of Independence (from Great Britain) which was on July 4, 1776. This is why independence day is commonly known as the Fourth of July.

What is the declaration of independence?

The Declaration of Independence is a document stating, by the name suggests, independence from Britain and signed by members of Congress which brought about the unification of all the thirteen colonies, thus proclaiming sovereignty and creating a new country: the United States. More info

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